The LLM Exeter Club

LLM Exeter Club meets in Brussels

At the beginning of June, the LLM Exeter Club, an independent alumni association of former Exeter School of Law LLM students, gathered in Brussels for its annual meeting.

The annual meeting usually lasts over a weekend, and consists of a formal part with the discussion of varying legal topics, as well as an informal part to socialise and explore the changing locations of the event. Organised by some of its Brussels based Club members, the first day was a great opportunity to visit the impressive eclectic style ‘Palais de Justice – Justitiepaleis’ which is home to Belgium´s highest court, the Court of Cassation. Attending members had travelled from several European countries, partly with their families, which was much appreciated.

The formal part of the meeting featured a discussion on "Brexit: issues and implications", especially in context to the challenges it faces from a European perspective, for example in terms of criminal law and prosecution. The first day concluded with dinner at a very traditional restaurant in the city. Saturday featured a visit to the Atomium set up for the world EXPO 1958 followed by a guided Art Nouveau walk in the nineteenth century commune of Saint-Gilles –Sint-Gillis. It ended with a short walk (‘Brussels by Night’) in the old medieval town centre of the city of Brussels which demonstrated the many cultural aspects and the unique lifestyle in the "capital of Europe". Sunday finally offered some individual time for the members and their families to explore the city and do some further sightseeing. The event was a great success, and there are already plans to follow up:

There will be an informal meeting at the IBA conference in Rome, Italy, in October 2018. Any alumni who are interested in meeting at the IBA conference can contact the club member in charge Dominic Hui, LL.M. 2001, at

Furthermore the next annual club meeting will be taking place in Luzern, Switzerland, Friday 20/09/19 - Sunday 22/09/19. It will be kindly organised by the Suisse club member Stephan Dekker, LL.M. 1999. You can contact Stephan Dekker at

Date: 5 September 2018

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