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Spring 2015






Arts & Culture



Leventis lectures 2015

A crowd of 100, including many Exeter alumni, gathered last week to hear University of Exeter academics share their research regarding the impact of Greek culture on later societies. The research showcased at the event is supported by the A.G. Leventis Foundation, a philanthropic organisation with a focus on Greek and Hellenic society, education and culture. The Hellenic Centre in London provided a unique venue for the event.  Read more


New interactive BBC documentary stars Exeter academic

Religion scholar Professor Francesca Stavrakopoulou is contributing to a groundbreaking interactive BBC series. Hosted by Hollywood star Idris Elba, The Story of Now series explores some of the biggest questions about mankind’s past, present and future. The Story of Now is part of BBC Taster, a new online platform for trying out digital content and emerging technology. Read more


Faces of conflict

Faces of Conflict at Exeter’s Royal Albert Memorial Museum examines the impact of the First World War on art and facial reconstructive surgery. The exhibition looks at the unique historical situations of facially injured soldiers. Faces of Conflict arises from the wider project 1914FACES2014, led by Prof Bernard Devauchelle (Institut Faire Faces) and Prof David Houston Jones (University of Exeter). Read more




All in the Valley: Triumph for Exeter alumnus at Cornwall Film Festival 

Exeter Alumnus Luke Hagan’s debut feature film All in the Valley recently won Best Feature Film at Cornwall Film Festival. "The idea from the beginning was to make the best film we could with relatively little money, which we could then show to people and say 'imagine what we could achieve with funding" he says. Luke (BA History and Archaeology 2007, MA Film Studies 2008) reflects on making the film on The College of Humanities blog – a must read for any aspiring film makers. 


Frank Barlow’s The Feudal Kingdom of England: 60 years in print

By University of Exeter alumnus David Bates (BA History 1966; PhD 1970)

2015 marks the 60th anniversary of the publication of The Feudal Kingdom of England (1955), Exeter Historian Frank Barlow’s influential account of the Anglo-Norman world. Frank Barlow (1911-2009) is among the most distinguished of the academics who have worked for the University of Exeter and its previous incarnation, the University College of the South West of England. Read more




Featured picture

This edition’s featured picture is taken from Budding News, the blog from the Streatham campus grounds team. It depicts the Cherry Orchard next to the Washington Singer building in full blossom last Spring. For an insight into what it takes to maintain our beautiful campus, take a look at Budding News or follow universityofexetergrounds on Instagram.



15 ancient skeletons have been discovered on an archaeological dig in Ipplepen, a major Romano-British settlement in Devon and now the best preserved Roman cemetery. University of Exeter archaeologists and a team of students and volunteers uncovered the human remains during an excavation of a Roman Road and found a roadside cemetery, the like of which has never been seen in the region. Read more


A year spent in Germany and Italy 

By Becky Evans, final year German and Italian student

My year abroad began when I boarded the plane to Kassel, a historic city in the centre of Germany.  I experienced all of the usual worries associated with moving abroad to a new country with new people; would I make any friends? Would I be good at my job? But most importantly of all for a linguist, would my language improve in the six months spent there? Read more




Uncovering the Invisible: Portraits of Latin Americans in the UK

To date there are more than 180,000 Latin Americans living in the UK. Uncovering the Invisible, an exhibition on Streatham Campus until 25th March explores the experiences and identities of Latin American migrants living in the UK. It aims to support the Latin American Recognition Campaign (LARC) for national and official recognition of this community. Read more


New work added to the University’s sculpture walk

A fascinating new artwork has just been added to the Sculpture Walk. It’s a wonderful wire sculpture in an organic form, entwined around the branch of a walnut tree on Poole Gate. The work is called ‘White Entwined.’ "When this piece was commissioned by the University, I sought to create a sculpture which would work with the tree: a piece with the feeling of a living organism which became part of its host... yet at the same time with a presence of its own," says artist Deborah Duffin. Find out more on the new sculpture on Arts and Culture Exeter



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