The community garden project connects the Students’ Guild,  the University and members of the community.

Alumni sought for green-fingered project

The garden was set up by the Students’ Guild, University and members of the community nearly two years ago, with the aim of furthering the causes of sustainability and biodiversity.

It also helps the gardeners to learn ways of producing food and is a means of exchanging skills. Some of the crops grown have been suggested by international students.

The garden also furthers academic research, with flax grown on the site already used as part of the experimental archaeology programme.

Raised beds allow for ease of access for people of all abilities and ages.

Dr Paul Cleave (Management-Tourism 2012) said gardeners range from a professional right through to complete beginners.

“Some have not had a garden before but there are those who have and are more experienced. It is very much a shared experience, very much about people sharing knowledge.

“It also provides a space and the opportunity to meet other students, mix with people from other disciplines in the University, from people within the community and fellow alumni.”

Paul said the project had received support from the University grounds team and there are now plans to set up a greenhouse and polytunnels at the site to extend the growing season.

To find out more contact Norrie Blackeby.

Date: 11 March 2013

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