The first edition of The Undergraduate, supported by the Annual Fund.

Launch of new academic journal

New academic journal The Undergraduate launched its first issue this week. Supported by the Annual Fund, it is committed to showcasing the best undergraduate essays at the University of Exeter.

We asked the team behind it to describe the process of producing the first issue.

How have you found the experience of creating the journal?

It has been a memorable journey – taking The Undergraduate from an idea, to an action plan and a team, to a website, and, finally, to a finished, tangible publication.

What have you learnt?

We are very encouraged and grateful for the response and support that we have received. It is incredibly satisfying to see such genuine interest and passion for academic pursuits from Exeter undergraduates.

When reviewing essays, it is essential for our editors to be critical. The editors read essays anonymously, assessing them against broad-based criteria that we developed with professors. The opportunity to read each submission in detail was an excellent learning experience. We hope that the opportunity to look at the essays we have published will be a similarly useful tool for our readership.

All of us have a deeper appreciation for the vast amounts of effort and work that goes into producing a publication. The diversity of tasks that need to be completed – from securing funding, creating a graphic design theme, soliciting essay submissions, promoting the journal, liaising with the printer, and hosting events – means that the work never stops.

How did you feel upon completing and seeing the first issue?

Proud, and relieved. We have all put a lot of effort into the journal, and are unimaginably excited to see it published. After our launch on February 10 we had a team social in the evening. Now we're continue working on our second issue, and the events we have planned for this term. Exciting things are in the pipeline!

Date: 10 February 2014

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