Domenic Caprani is a Country Contact in the U.S.

Volunteer in the Spotlight: Domenic Caprani

With over 1700 alumni already in the US and more students attending Exeter every year we have a growing population of American alumni.

Domenic Caprani became involved with the University of Exeter US Alumni network three years ago.

There are currently nine Country Contacts in the US. These are alumni who volunteer their time to help keep in touch with and support around 2,000 fellow graduates in America.

Since 2009 we have seen an increase of 84% in the total student population from the US, including exchange, study abroad students, international summer school students and students registered for an Exeter degree. We currently have 186 students from the USA studying with us.

This has created plenty of opportunities for our alumni to help with recruitment, mentoring and study abroad support, providing career profiles, careers talks to students, providing venues for events and event internships, or work placements.

Domenic Caprani (French and Italian, 1996) has been living in the US for 10 years and three years ago became involved with the University of Exeter US Alumni network. He is the Country Contact for the Florida region.
Domenic has been involved in the creation of the University of Exeter US Foundation, making it easier for US residents, companies and charities to support research and education at Exeter. He has also organised several social events in Florida for Exeter alumni.

“Becoming a Country Contact has afforded me the opportunity to network and socialize with people who share the same special Exeter experience,” he said. “Thanks to the advent of social media, I have been able to remain in contact with a good number of my University of Exeter classmates. I had organised informal gatherings of fellow alumni while still living in the UK and wanted to continue that custom in the US.”

Once the University of Exeter US Foundation has been established, Domenic will begin fundraising and awareness.
“Locally, the Florida Chapter will continue its social events with an emphasis on British traditions like Guy Fawkes and Wimbledon,” he added.

To volunteer for the University of Exeter from overseas please visit our website where you will find opportunities to volunteer from your workplace and home.

We are always finding new opportunities for our international alumni to be involved in the University so please visit our website regularly or contact Rachael Green, International Alumni and Development Officer.

Date: 24 July 2014

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