Class of 2010 fundraising.

Vicky Edwards, Bertie Archer and Dan Chesterman - three final year Class of 2010 Committee members.

Finalists leave their legacy to the University

A group of final year students ran a week to encourage the Class of 2010 to leave their legacy to the University. The aim of the fundraising effort is part of an initiative to raise £3,000 to leave a lasting legacy with the Ram.

The students organised a week of activities, including a club night, pub quiz and a raffle in an effort to hit their target.

A ballot to decide what to raise money for was held among finalists. Just under 50% of the graduating class who voted chose helping to revamp the Ram as their gift to the University.

Finalist Natasha Sabo, who is reading Ancient History & Archaeology, said: 'I think it is so important to not only make a mark, but to keep improving things. I wanted to take this opportunity to give something back to University, a thank you present for all opportunities it has given me.'

Please see the Class of 2010 Facebook group for further information. The Class of 2010 fundraising week was organised by a committee made up of nine finalists.

If you are interested in helping the Class of 2010 leave their legacy but cannot make any of the above events, please consider donating online.  The Class of Committee will also be promoting the benefits and services offered to students once they graduate, including continued careers advice, socials and reduced postgraduate fees. If you would like to know anything else about any of these, please contact Ashley Petrons.

Date: 16 March 2010

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