The University supports employees who are members of the Reserve Forces and Cadet Force Adult Volunteers by accommodating their military training and deployment and their career development.

The University will grant an additional week of paid leave to staff who are required to attend summer camps for training as a Reservist of the Armed Forces. Subject to operational requirements (and its statutory duties), the University will seek to facilitate a Reservist’s mobilisation and actively support the Reservist’s return to work at the end of their deployment.

Members of the Reserve Forces and their managers are encouraged to use the annual Performance and Development review to explore how the employee’s military experience can be effectively applied in their work.

See our HR Policy pages for further information on:

  • Training commitments and time off
  • Mobilisation
  • Reinstatement

The University also provides the following support for reserve forces:

  • Purchase of Additional Leave
  • Compassionate leave
  • Pro-Councilling Pro-Counselling is the EAP provider for the University of Exeter. This free service is offered to University of Exeter staff members, postgraduate students and family members who live at the same address as staff members and postgraduate students.  The service includes 24/7 telephone counselling via our online portal; Online wellbeing space; and Face-to-face counselling.

National Access to Work Mental Health Support Service which offers fully-funded support to anyone in employment

Reserve Forces Toolkit

The University supports the Military Education Committee in its oversight of military education, promoting community engagement, high-quality student experience and employability from the University Service Units.

We support the Army’s Exeter University Officers’ Training Corps and Devon University Royal Navy Unit which provide experience to students which are highly valued by employers and, in many cases, leads to students entering the regular and reserve forces after they graduate and start work.

We will support the USUs’ participation in Freshers’ Week; working closely with the OTC to ensure training and academic commitments do not impact on and to support student wellbeing.