The project is supported by the Wellcome Trust.

About the Biomedical Informatics Hub

A Wellcome Trust ISSF project

The Wellcome Trust awarded the University a £1.5million  Institutional Strategic Support Fund (ISSF) in 2012 to:

  • Create a virtual Biomedical Informatics Hub that will help maximise output from emerging technologies and large datasets.
  • Establish an team to support highly-talented emerging researchers to generate preliminary data in support of independent fellowship and research project grant applications.

The three year award was match-funded by the University through support for new academic posts that use the Biomedical Informatics Hub to enable major advances in interdisciplinary biomedical research.

The ISSF posts were underwritten by Colleges with the expectation that salaries will be recouped via grant-funded projects. A minimum of 20% of hub-member time will always be available to support pilot projects. 

Biomedical Informatics Hub

The growth of interdisciplinary science at Exeter means that no single researcher or research group can master every technique or methodology. The pace of change in fields such as microscopy, sequencing and other high throughput technologies means that new informatics methodologies and new computational infrastructures are required to integrate and interrogate data.

The Hub was set up to help researchers make the most of biomedical data. It is staffed by some of the most talented researchers in their fields, who have recognised that the analysis of datasets, both large and small, is the key bottleneck for many research projects. They have risen to the challenge of offering their skills and expertise to assist researchers throughout the University.

Hub members offer training courses to any technician, PhD student, postdoc or academic within the University. These range from basic skills such as Linux and programming and specialized courses in genomics and transcriptomics.