A number of projects have already been funded by the Wellcome Trust ISSF Seed Corn Fund.

ISSF Seed Corn Fund

The aim of this fund is to support outstanding research within the remit of the Wellcome Trust - biomedical sciences and medical humanities - that will enable the University to strategically advance research in these areas and to leverage further funding from the Wellcome Trust and other funding sources.

The scope of this funding is open to all university research staff, across all of the discipline areas, but in particular to:

  • to support outstanding postdoctoral researchers allowing them to generate preliminary data to support independent Fellowship applications;
  • to support early career academics by enabling them to generate preliminary data in support of research grant applications;
  • to support mid-career and senior academics working in Wellcome Trust remit areas wishing to make a transition towards research in the remit of the Wellcome Trust and/or seeking to apply to the Trust for the first time; and
  • to support newly recruited research staff seeking pump priming support for a new activity that will lead to a Wellcome Trust application, with first time applicants to the Trust particularly encouraged.

If awarded, there is a commitment from the award holder to carry out the following:

  • To provide the ISSF project team/project manager with regular updates on progress
  • To provide a final report to the ISSF Project Board within two months of completion of the award which will cover the following:
    • how the funds were used;
    • the outcomes of the activity and the extent to which the proposed aims and objectives were achieved;
    • how the funding has led, or will lead, to an application/award to an external funder;
    • a list of publications either in press or out to print
  • To include ISSF Biomedical Hub members involved in the award as authors on any resulting publications unless stated otherwise in the application
  • To acknowledge the ISSF funding in all publications arising as a result of the award by including the following statement - “This work was generously supported by a Wellcome Trust Institutional Strategic Support Award (WT097835MF)”
  • To cost in ISSF Biomedical Hub members involved in the award into related future funding applications