MATLAB (Matrix Laboratory) is a high performance language for technical computing which integrates computation, visualisation and an IDE (Integrated Development Environment). It is a complete package for data simulation, computation and rapid prototyping; it also has sophisticated data structures, built-in compilers and debuggers and support for object oriented programming.

MATLAB's modular structure helps to add new "toolboxes" whenever needed. The toolboxes are a collection of related functionality that can be used as a library in your own programs. There are toolboxes for signal processing, image processing, statistical analysis, symbolic computation, optimisation, and many more for applied sciences and engineering.  All of these facilities make MATLAB an excellent tool for both research and teaching.

Workshop Aims:

  • Introduction to programming constructs in all programming languages
  • Introduction to MATLAB programming language and environment
  • Writing your own MATLAB functions and classes
  • How to interface MATLAB with other programming languages such as C, Java


Day 1:

  • An introduction to programming with pseudo code and examples from a few languages including C/C++ and Java
  • An introduction to MATLAB environment-- how does the IDE works? What are its main components?
  • Introduction to programming constructs available in MATLAB. What are the main components of a MATLAB program?
  • What are the various data types in MATLAB?
  • How do the loops work in a MATLAB program?
  • How to aggregate MATLAB commands in an "M-File"?

Day 2:

  • How to write MATLAB functions?
  • Debugging your functions in MATLAB
  • Data visualisation in MATLAB

Day 3:

  • Introduction to object oriented programming using MATLAB
  • How to interface MATLAB with other programming languages

We are looking for a staff member with MATLAB experience to take over running this workshop. If interested, please contact the workshops coordinator.

Duration: NA
Instructors:  Position Open
Location: NA