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The Exeter Entrepreneur

The Exeter Entrepreneur

The Exeter Entrepreneur seeks to shine a spotlight on our increasingly entrepreneurial community and provide practical guidance and support to those looking to make a positive change through innovation and entrepreneurship.


The Exeter Entrepreneur

Here at the University of Exeter, we're proud of our vibrant, innovative and entrepreneurial community. We understand that entrepreneurship and innovation have the potential to deliver meaningful and positive impact and we collectively strive to address some of the biggest challenges of our time.

This is why, together with SETsquared Exeter, we have created The Exeter Entrepreneur.

Whether you’re a student, researcher, member of staff or business, The Exeter Entrepreneur is here to guide you, as you embark on new and exciting journeys of entrepreneurship.

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Sections Breakdown

In this section, we deal with the fundamentals and overarching topics that will set up any new startup project on strong foundations. We introduce tried and tested methodologies, tools and approaches that can be utilised throughout your journey, from initial idea to successful launch and beyond.

Part two is all about the support and resources available to you through SETsquared Exeter. We have a wide range of programmes and opportunities available for students, researchers, staff, and businesses that incubate and accelerate new ideas, entrepreneurial skills, new venture creation and innovation. For researchers and staff, we also provide an overview of our approach to commercialisation, share some top tips, and outline the typical steps taken when creating a university spinout company.

To make navigation easier, each section of part two is colour coded: gold for students, blue for researchers and staff, and red for businesses.

For those that have chosen to set up a new limited company to take your innovative solution to the world, this section provides expert guidance from several professional business advisory firms on some of the fundamental topics that new startup founders will need to get up to speed on.



Student Startups 

Whether you want to launch a new app, start a social enterprise, develop an innovative new product or simply flex those entrepreneurial muscles to see how it feels, the Student Startup Team are here to encourage and support your ambitions. The team bring valuable skills and experience to their programmes which are designed to support students from idea to launch to long-term growth and sustainability. 

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Innovation, Impact and Business 

Innovation, Impact and Business at the University of Exeter links researchers with businesses, creating bespoke solutions to accelerate their success. They are experts in driving impact, connecting partners, creating opportunities, transforming teams, and generating value. Their reputation is based on many years of successful and mutually advantageous collaborations, in the region, nationally and globally. 

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SETsquared Exeter

SETsquared Exeter provides a wealth of award-winning business support to help turn ideas into tomorrow’s flourishing ventures. It supports new start-ups, incubates new businesses and manage business acceleration services. Part of a partnership between six leading research-led UK universities: Bath, Bristol, Cardiff, Exeter, Southampton and Surrey, the SETsquared partnership has been recognised as the Global Number 1 Business Incubator since 2015.

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