Eye tracking

Eye-track solutions

We use mobile eye tracking technology to provide solutions to problems related to how humans interact with the world around them. Eye tracking technology allows us to 'see what someone is seeing', and provides insights into the processes underpinning their decisions and behaviours while completing a task (eg, perception, focus of attention, biases), as well as their momentary emotional and cognitive state. We have employed this technology across a wide range of applications including motor skill learning, rehabilitation, sports training, website and software design, ergonomic design, simulation validation and image interpretation.

Mobile eye trackers are lightweight and unobtrusive and can be worn while performing tasks in natural settings. We offer a complete consultation service; from the design of appropriate studies to examine the issue, to the capture and analysis of the eye tracking data; to the development and instruction in evidence-based solutions, interventions or training.

As well as a range of mobile eye tracking systems, we also offer additional data collection tools to answer specific questions, including motion capture and analysis systems, psychophysiological monitoring systems, and synthetic testing environments (eg, sporting and driving simulation).

Eye tracking a knife thrower

Eye tracking shooting

Eye tracking aircraft pilot

Eye tracking golf putting

Eye tracking basketball free throw

Eye tracking tennis

Example projects

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