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Innovation in the Heritage sector


Heritage & Landscape

Our tangible heritage is all around us: in castles and ruins, abbeys and monasteries, monuments and ancient settlements. Increasingly, we are also understanding the opportunities to be harnessed from celebrating our rich and varied industrial heritage – its buildings and infrastructure, such as mills and mines, as well as its influence on the natural landscape – which are vitally important to local communities’ sense of identity.

But as demands for new housing and urban development grow, how do we make sure that the remains of the past are effectively incorporated into plans for the future? 

Our Culture Innovation Consultancy team works with local authorities, highways departments and planners across the country to ensure developments progress with the best knowledge available. Clients include the National Trust, Teignbridge District Council, Historic England, Highways England, Powderham Castle, and many more.

Our team provides expertise on:

  • Conservation Management Plans
  • Archaeological and building surveys
  • Heritage in conflict zones
  • Heritage site management
  • Community and experimental archaeology
  • Landscape management
  • Feasibility studies
  • Heritage law
  • Heritage Innovation: AR/VR experience development