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Colette Defoe, Impact and Partnership Development Manager - Defence

Josie Butcher, Impact and Partnership Development Manager - Defence, Security and Conflict



Brain-training research leads to enhanced military performance

Research at the University of Exeter’s Sports and Health Sciences department is helping the military improve performance skills in high-stress situations – and all by training their eyes. Read more »

Defence, Security and Conflict

We have a history of successful relationships with government and industry, working together on security challenges across scientific disciplines including electromagnetic and acoustic materials, photonics, molecular microbiology, materials and manufacturing, structural biochemistry and human and social factors.

Exeter also focuses on the broader context of security and conflict, humanitarianism and peace, building on research within the social sciences. We have a rich and varied track record in advising governments, nation states and industry on national security, modern warfare and humanitarian response. Furthermore, we work closely with the Ministry of Defence to develop future military leaders.

Key areas of our defence and security activities include:

  • Materials and structures research
  • Metamaterials and transformation optics
  • Multi-functional materials and additive manufacturing
  • Quantum systems and nanomaterials
  • Big data and data analytics
  • Chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear defence including vaccine development and post exposure therapeutics
  • Human Sciences including performance, attention and human-machine interaction

Key areas of conflict, humanitarianism and peacebuilding include:

  • Global security and military strategy
  • Foreign policy analysis
  • Counter-extremism and de-radicalisation with a particular focus on the Middle East and Central Asia
  • Law of military operations
  • Military leadership and professional development

We adopt a pragmatic and commercially sensitive approach to collaboration, and intellectual property and an ability to successfully leverage multiple funding sources. This helps demonstrate our internationally respected capabilities and our commitment to long term relationships that deliver real value.

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