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Rebecca Adams, theme lead

Revolutionising the All Terrain Mobility Platform with SC Group

SC Group have embarked on a Knowledge Transfer Partnership with the University of Exeter to reinvigorate one of their key products. Read more »

Knowledge Transfer Partnership increases profitability and production
Winning funding for renewables projects

Read about how a volunteer-run cooperative secured funding for renewable energy projects with the University of Exeter.

Marine Renewables and Energy


We have a broad expertise in renewable energy generation technology, with particular strengths in marine and solar generation. Our experience in the reliability engineering of offshore wave buoys includes dynamic testing of components and is allowing us to improve the reliability of marine installations – one of the key challenges facing the sector. Our work in solar energy is focused upon developing flexible solar cells based on metal, polymer and wearable substrates, with applications across many industries.

Energy storage

New and emerging technologies for energy storage offer solutions to the intermittency associated with many renewable sources. Our work in energy storage considers the technologies involved and their continual improvement alongside social solutions to energy storage challenges. We are working to demonstrate the effectiveness of community-based renewable energy schemes, such as shared heating and water systems supplying entire districts.

Power electronics

Our work in the design of microgrids and power controllers is allowing power networks to increase the efficiency of mixed source systems. By maximising the energy extraction from renewable sources in balance with demand and available storage capacity we are able to create highly efficient microgrids for localised power networks.


We work with organisations and government departments to inform and respond to policy and regulation decisions. We have a holistic approach to renewable energy and are able to draw on expertise from across the University to address the many challenges facing this emerging sector.

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