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Rebecca Adams, theme lead

Digging deeper for vital copper deposits

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From the battery in your mobile phone to the wiring and plumbing in your house, copper is a fundamental ingredient in modern life. Read more »


Camborne School of Mines is an interdisciplinary mining school working at the forefront of a range of geoscience subjects including geology, mining engineering, mineral processing, sustainability and remediation. We undertake a wide range of industrially-focused research covering the mining value chain and critical aspects of the mining industry’s social license to operate.

We work in collaboration with industry and as part of consortium-based international programmes to provide solutions to many of the challenges facing the sector. Our expertise has allowed us to successfully deliver projects aimed at cost reduction, energy and water efficiency and safety through innovative mining education and technical innovation. Projects benefit from our close relationship with wider university departments such as Engineering, the Environment and Sustainability Institute and the Business School.

We have particular expertise in:

  • Intelligent Mining
  • Operational Efficiency
  • Sustainability
  • Ore Deposits
  • Critical Metals

Our research into intelligent mining aims to transform the extraction industry. We are working to develop and apply intelligent technology and solutions to the entire mining value chain, bringing about change by:

  • Creating managerial tools to focus efforts and resources where they are most needed
  • Using remote sensing and 3D modelling software to improve safety and efficiency
  • Increasing the commercial viability of small-scale or complex deposits
  • Applying the latest automation and robotics technology to real-life engineering challenges.

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