Case studies

Revolutionising the All Terrain Mobility Platform with SC Group

SC Group have embarked on a Knowledge Transfer Partnership with the University of Exeter to reinvigorate one of their key products. Read more »

Wetsuits from wetsuits with Finisterre

Finisterre are working with the University on a Knowledge Transfer Partnership to develop the world's first recyclable wetsuit. Read more »

Reducing energy costs with Minibems

Minibems are a SETsquared  success story at the University of Exeter, having recruited talented students, met new prospects, developed test facilities with researchers and successfully raised funding. Read more »

Helping identify plagiarism with Seedata

Seedata worked with Innovation, Impact and Business to jointly invest in new software to detect plagiarism. Read more »

Smartline: Smart wellbeing inspired by the community with Coastline Housing

Coastline Housing are a partner in the Smartline project, which is helping to better understand people's wellbeing in Cornwall. Read more »

Improving preoperative assessments with Ultramed using MyPreOp

Ultramed, a rapidly growing SME, have generated seed funding and grown their business by working with the University of Exeter. Read more »

Creating sustainable communities through partnerships

An innovative grass-roots project is bringing together communities to solve traffic-related issues in Exeter. Read more »

Aerospace engineering at Exeter

Find out more about our specialisms and research in aerospace at the University of Exeter.

EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Metamaterials

Find out more about how we train specialist postgraduates.

Capturing live events for art fans

Professor Gabriella Giannachi has been working with arts organisations to chart their history of hosting live art and help curators develop and document new performances. 
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Digitization at Powderham Castle

University of Exeter historians and specialists at the Digital Humanities Lab have been finding new ways to share fragile artefacts.
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Brain-training and military performance

Research at the University of Exeter's Sports & Health Sciences department is helping the military improve performance skills in high-stress situations.
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More women in boardrooms by 2020

Professor Ruth Sealy has been working with the NHS to help inform their strategy for achieving gender parity on its boards by 2020. Read more »

Bugs produce diesel on demand

The University of Exeter, with support from Shell, has developed a method to make bacteria produce diesel on demand

Optimising changes in the NHS

NIHR PenCLAHRC at the University of Exeter Medical School have teamed up with NHS Trusts to roll out of training that uses computer modelling to help make difficult decisions. Read more »

Building the future of energy generation

Academics Professor Tapas Mallick and Dr Hasan Baig and IIB Research Commercialisation Manager Jim Williams have developed a clean energy solution for buildings that fits neatly into glass blocks. Read more »

Protecting bees and balancing food security

Biologically realistic simulations of bee colonies, created by academics in Environment and Sustainability Institute, is assessing the effects of multiple ‘stressors’. Read more »

Digging deeper for vital copper deposits

Dr Ben Williamson, with colleagues from the Natural History Museum, has developed a new way to establish whether certain types of magmatic rocks are likely to host valuable copper deposits. Read more »

Bringing evidence-based practice to policing

Academics from Sociology, Philosophy and Anthropology have been working with police across the South West to roll out the #RU2Drunk campaign. Read more »

Cost effective rapid prototyping

The Centre for Additive Layer Manufacturing developed functional prototypes for tech company nu desine

Securing investment for product testing

Dartmouth Wave Energy worked with the Environment and Sustainability Institute to secure investment for product development.

Winning funding for renewables projects

Read about how a volunteer-run cooperative secured funding for renewable energy projects with the University of Exeter

KTP increases profitability and production
New system could save farms money and improve bovine welfare

eCow worked with Professor Richard Everson to potentially save millions for agriculture.

Converting waste into fuel

A new renewable energy technology has helped Cornwall's farming sector establish the cost-effectiveness of anaerobic digestion.

St Aubyn Estates develop new CSR and sustainability policies

St Aubyn Estates developed new corporate social responsibility and sustainability policies by working with the University of Exeter.

New water filter created for Pump International

Pump International worked with the University of Exeter to develop a plan to grow their product range, services and headcount.

Engaging business with climate change

A number of Cornish business have been engaged with issues around climate change as part of a PhD project.

NHS Trust meets carbon reduction targets

By working with the Centre for Energy and Environment the South West Ambulance Trust met its carbon reduction target

Buff Industrial Design develop new opportunities

Buff Industrial Design explored new business opportunities and worked with exciting start-ups.

Fuelstretcher grow business with University

Fuelstretcher Ltd, an energy control management systems company, grew their business by linking with the University of Exeter.

Graduate helps to expand market

Toolstream created a product database with the help of a University of Exeter marketing graduate.

Graduate demonstrates value of business

The Employment Academy (TEA) demonstrated the value of their services with support from a University graduate.

The impact of man-made noise in our marine environment

Dr Steve Simpson is working with national and international organisations to shape new policy and licencing decisions related to man-made noise in our marine environment.

How plastics are entering the food chain

Professor Tamara Galloway discusses what it would mean if the plastic waste thrown into the oceans was entering the food chain.

Mitigating climate risks in winemaking

Researchers at the Environment and Sustainability Institute have been working with Cornish winemakers to develop practical tools to help manage the risks of adverse weather and protect their crops.

Minimising air travel disruptions during volcanic eruptions

Professor Jim Haywood has developed measurement systems to prevent airspace being closed for events like the 2010 Icelandic Eyjafjallajökul volcanic eruption.

Designing chemicals and drugs that are better for the environment

Professor Charles Tyler studies how certain commonly used chemicals affect not only the environment but also impact on human health.

Bacterial resistance and its impact on health

Dr William Gaze, an Associate Professor at The European Centre for Environment and Human Health, has been researching how bacteria become resistant to antibiotics.

Using social media to track extreme weather events

Biosciences researchers are using data from social media to find out about the impact climate change has on people’s lives.