Case studies

Capturing live events for art fans

Professor Gabriella Giannachi has been working with arts organisations to chart their history of hosting live art and help curators develop and document new performances. 
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Digitization at Powderham Castle

University of Exeter historians and specialists at the Digital Humanities Lab have been finding new ways to share fragile artefacts.
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Brain-training and military performance

Research at the University of Exeter's Sports & Health Sciences department is helping the military improve performance skills in high-stress situations.
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More women in boardrooms by 2020

Professor Ruth Sealy has been working with the NHS to help inform their strategy for achieving gender parity on its boards by 2020. Read more »

Bugs produce diesel on demand

The University of Exeter, with support from Shell, has developed a method to make bacteria produce diesel on demand. Read more »

Optimising changes in the NHS

NIHR PenCLAHRC at the University of Exeter Medical School have teamed up with NHS Trusts to roll out of training that uses computer modelling to help make difficult decisions. Read more »

Building the future of energy generation

Academics Professor Tapas Mallick and Dr Hasan Baig and IIB Research Commercialisation Manager Jim Williams have developed a clean energy solution for buildings that fits neatly into glass blocks. Read more »

Protecting bees and balancing food security

Biologically realistic simulations of bee colonies, created by academics in Environment and Sustainability Institute, is assessing the effects of multiple ‘stressors’. Read more »

Digging deeper for vital copper deposits

Dr Ben Williamson, with colleagues from the Natural History Museum, has developed a new way to establish whether certain types of magmatic rocks are likely to host valuable copper deposits. Read more »

Bringing evidence-based practice to policing

Academics from Sociology, Philosophy and Anthropology have been working with police across the South West to roll out the #RU2Drunk campaign. Read more »