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One of the great things about the University is that they have many different areas of academia working on creating knowledge. For us to be able to pick them and turn them into something is a pretty dream scenario for us.

John James, Managing Director, Seedata

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Helping identify plagiarism with Seedata

A forensic linguistics project developed with the University of Exeter and Seedata  could change the way plagiarism is detected in academia.

Plagiarism is a global issue for universities, and by using existing processes it can take up to a week for lecturers to detect issues with inconsistent results.

Dr Kate Harrington, a University of Exeter academic, worked with the Innovation, Impact and Business team to create new software which detects inauthentic authorship. By using forensic linguistic techniques, the software detects an author’s writing style and looks for consistency with previous works. Using this process, lecturers can then establish whether a student’s essays are written with the same ‘writing signature’ as their previous work.

Seedata, an Exeter-based SME and Science Park  tenant, have worked with the University to commercialise the IP and reduce the time taken to 4 seconds.

In addition to developing the idea, the new IP and software could lead to exciting business opportunities for Seedata.