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The Catapult has allowed business incubation and support with seed funding for Ultramed.

We've been able to benefit from that, adding in our own investment cash and then looking for bigger grant opportunities.

It really has given us that leg up that early companies need.

Dr Paul Upton, Co-Founder, Ultramed

Improving preoperative assessments with Ultramed using MyPreOp

Using online preoperative assessments could save the NHS £65 million per year, saving time for both nurses and patients. Ultramed, an SME developing online preoperative assessments, have worked with University of Exeter staff to gain funding and business support.

To help grow his business Dr Paul Upton retired early from the NHS to co-found Ultramed, but he needed seed funding to help develop the MyPreOp program further.

Working with the South West Centre of Excellence in Satellite Applications, Ultramed used seed funding to look for bigger grant opportunities and look to the next steps of their development.

In addition to receiving funding, Ultramed have benefited from University networks. By working with Crowdcube, a former tenant of the University’s Innovation Centre, the team raised their target within 2.5 days and were ultimately overfunded by 300 per cent.

As a consequence, the future is looking bright for Ultramed and its innovative contribution to the NHS and wider health sector.