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Dr Bridget Sealey, theme lead

Bringing evidence-based practice to policing

A collaboration between University of Exeter and Devon & Cornwall Police resulted in the installation of breathalysers in the pubs and clubs of Torquay, thereby acting as a deterrent for ‘pre-loading’. Read more »

More women in boardrooms by 2020

Research by Professor Ruth Sealy is helping to inform an NHS’s strategy for achieving gender parity on its boards by 2020. Read more.

Government, Crime, Justice, Law

Our expertise in Government, Crime, Justice and Law has a broad reach across disciplines, including technical forensics, neuroscience, migration, human rights, prisons, cybercrime, and police, just to list a few. We work in the area of migrating world includes children with no identities or home, and the illegitimacy of the Fast Track Detention Process. We also work closely with the Police, helping inform and improve evidence based policing and supporting police work with the more vulnerable members of society. In addition, our experts advise and inform the Prison and Probation reform.

However, fewer issues have caught the global attention and urgency than cybercrime. We work with world leading experts, including influential authors of the Tallinn Manual, the definitive analysis on how international law applies to cybercrime. Today, the Tallinn manual is a highly influential resource for legal advisers working to combat cybercrime. Our international law experts also developed a similar manual on international law applications of military use of outer space. We work with:

  • United Nations
  • NATO
  • Save the Children
  • Lumos
  • Courts
  • Prisons
  • Members of the House of Lords
  • Ministry of Justice
  • Red Cross
  • Devon and Cornwall Police

Our work includes:

  • Criminal Justice: research on neuro-disability and head trauma and the links to offending behaviour
  • Family law: the delegalised space since LAPSO
  • International and Space law: manual on International law applications on the military uses of outer space
  • Migration and Human Rights: building digital identities for those without any identity, especially the displaced
  • Evidence Based Research/Quantitative Methods: evidence based policing
  • Politics: European governance

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