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Dr Beccy Mitchell, theme lead

Mitigating climate risks in winemaking

Researchers at the Environment and Sustainability Institute have been working with Cornish winemakers to develop practical tools to help manage the risks of adverse weather and protect their crops.

Protecting bees and balancing food security

Please credit Daphne Wong

An award-winning modelling tool created by bioscientists from the University of Exeter is creating a buzz through its contribution to understanding bee colony survival Read more.

Image courtesy of Daphne Wong.

Agriculture, Aquaculture and Food Security

Food security is a major societal challenge and our research supports organisations with interests across the whole supply chain. Our expertise includes:

  • Plant and animal disease, including pioneering new approaches at our Living Systems Institute to combat serious disease in plants, animals and humans
  • Pollinators, including their roles in pesticide management and as indicators for plant health
  • Precision farming and aerial surveying, including the Drone Lab at our Penryn campus
  • Animal breeding and welfare
  • Sustainable business models and supply chain efficiency such as the circular economy
  • Aquaculture and fisheries, working closely with Cefas and other partners to address challenges associated with stock management, disease and the impacts of climate change
  • Land and resource management - we work with Rothamsted Research (North Wyke) and other partners on sustainable intensification and related fields
  • Agricultural economics including commodity pricing
  • Sociology of agriculture and farm household decision making

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