Environmental Data and Analytics

Environmental data and analytics increasingly influence day to day decisions across a wide range of sectors. At Exeter we generate and utilise data across many areas of environmental research, with specific areas of expertise including:

  • The Environment and Sustainability Institute Drone Lab, which collects high quality data from drone mounted environmental sensors. These include optical and thermal cameras and have particular applications in ecological and topological mapping and the monitoring of natural ecosystems and catchment management.
  • The exploitation of in-situ, satellite and aircraft borne observation data in modelling air quality, visibility, ecological systems, and earth systems.
  • Developing techniques for ocean observation.
  • Using of big data, including crowd-sourced data such as social media, to improve environmental prediction.
  • Nature-inspired computing to address problems in robotics, engineering and bioinformatics.
  • The application of data science techniques, including neural networks, artificial intelligence and machine learning to addressing environmental challenges.

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