Key contact

Dr Beccy Mitchell, theme lead

The impact of man-made noise in our marine environment

Dr Steve Simpson, Senior Lecturer in Biosciences, is working with national and international organisations to shape new policy and licencing decisions related to man-made noise in our marine environment.

Ecology, Biodiversity and Conservation

Our work on ecology, biodiversity and conservation is broad and varied, covering both land and marine, fauna and flora. Interdisciplinary and partnership work undertaken at our Exeter and Penryn campuses includes:

  • The impact of pollutants such as endocrine disrupting chemicals, oil, pesticides, plastics, light and noise
  • The impacts of climate change, including the warming of the oceans
  • The potential consequences of human activities such as agriculture and renewable energy generation
  • Bird management and migration, including bird-strike risk management
  • The ecology and management of wildlife disease such as tuberculosis and rabies
  • Rewilding and landscape restoration – including the management of peatland
  • Understanding animal behaviour and its implications for management

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