Key contact

Dr Beccy Mitchell, theme lead

Bacterial resistance and its impact on health

Dr William Gaze, an Associate Professor at The European Centre for Environment and Human Health, has been researching how bacteria become resistant to antibiotics.

Designing chemicals and drugs that are better for the environment and human health

Professor Charles Tyler, Professor of Environmental Biology in College of Life and Environmental Sciences, studies how certain commonly used chemicals affect not only the environment but also impact on human health.

Climate Change and Environmental Futures

Environmental change, including climate change, represents perhaps the defining challenge of our time. At Exeter we work with leading scientists, policymakers and businesses from across the world to apply our leading modelling expertise to address challenges such as:

  • Climate impacts, including the regional and global impacts of 1.5, 2, 4 and 6 degree centigrade changes on water, food systems, environmental hazards, human health, and natural ecosystems.
  • Earth system and integrated assessment modelling including tipping points, adaptation and mitigation modelling, and the development of models to address economic factors, land use, and water, food and energy systems.
  • Environment and human health working in close partnership with our European Centre for Environment and Human Health.
  • Human factors and social responses to change.
  • Sustainable buildings, energy and environmental policy and the impacts of climate change on the built environment.

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