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The KTP has been a career defining process and a massive boost to my professional prospects.

Josh Myrans - KTP Associate, South West Water

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KTP at the University of Exeter

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KTP for Graduates

KTP for Graduates

Are you looking to?

  • Fast track your career?
  • Manage your own project?
  • Apply research skills to solve business problems?
  • Have dedicated time for personal development?
  • Lead strategic change from within a business?

A KTP may be just what you are looking for. By becoming a KTP Associate, you will be supervised by academics at Exeter and the host business to carry out cutting edge research and apply this in a business setting. This will give you experience of conducting research in a commercial setting to solve specific business needs.

Benefits to associates

  • Fast-track your career by leading an exciting, high-profile project.
  • A dedicated training budget, with a bespoke package of training to support career development.
  • Close mentoring and support from a range of people involved with the project. 

Frequently Asked Questions

You will be working on solving a particular business problem, for example, improving or introducing a new product or modernizing processes. Each KTP associate role has a detailed work plan which outlines all the tasks the KTP Associate is expected to complete.

All KTP Associate salaries are competitive and in line with industry standards. As well as your base salary you will also receive £2000 a year for personal development and budget for travel.

Each KTP Associate will have two one-week training residential modules to develop project management and leadership skills. In addition to this, you will also get a budget of £2000 per year to spend on personal development and training.

For most projects, KTP Associates are based at the company premises day to day. They are able to access university facilities such as lab spaces when needed. On average KTP Associates will receive approximately 0.5 day per week supervision and support from the academic team.

All KTP jobs nationally are listed on the KTP website. In addition to this Exeter KTPs will also be listed on our university job site.

The recruitment process always involves an initial written application. Make sure you detail your skills and strengths and how these meet the person specification outlined in your cover letter.

The second stage is usually a formal interview which will take place at the company premises if possible. You might be asked to give a short presentation or undertake a technical task. This will be communicated ahead of the interview.