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19 November 201816:00

ExeterEnergy: showcase event for practitioners and policy makers

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21 November 201813:30

Regional Research, Development and Innovation Hubs

The event describes the rationale behind RD&I hubs and particularly how the ‘Discovery Room’ model leads to sets of actions with informed innovation-focused businesses towards the development of collaborative solutions to business needs. As a result of attending this course, you will be able to: Understand the RD&I hub process, your role and contribution to the conversation. Help identify and shape solutions to key business challenges, particularly where your expertise and the university’s facilities can have a positive input. Engage in follow- up discussions / actions to propose and develop collaborative solutions to business challenges.. Full details
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21 November 201814:00

An Introduction to Engaging and Influencing Policy Makers

This session is intended to work towards understanding who are the policymakers and policy influencers, what are some of the pathways to engaging with them, and how we can support researchers who would like to engage with policy makers. Full details
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27 November 201812:45

Degree Apprenticeships and Technical Education: what it means for HE

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28 November 201813:30

Impactful Public Engagement with Research

This workshop explores the key elements that make for impactful engagement with the public. This workshop is for all Academic and Professional Staff who want to explore how to generate impact by working with the public. Presenter: This course is delivered by Grace Williams: Research Services, Engaged Research Manager. Full details
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4 December 20189:30

Geospatial technology in the agri-food sector

Hear from stakeholders with unique perspectives on the challenges facing the agri-food sector and their call to businesses to provide technological solutions. Join our faciliated session to identify opportunities in the agri-food sector to innovate, before learning about the leading R&D taking place in research institutes across the SW, and how you can get involved. Full details
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6 December 201816:00

Creatives paving the way for new technologies: How we own a place in our digital future

How do we demonstrate our value by being agile and responsive in a rapidly changing world? How has the creative industry been affected by digital transformation? How are creative start-ups shaping the future of the industry?. Full details
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24 January 201916:00

Creative entrepreneurship: Where do great ideas come from?

The skills needed to become a creative entrepreneur are no different to those of any entrepreneur. But there is a difference in what drives those who come to enterprise as a result of their creativity:. Full details
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7 March 201916:00

Survival tactics: Navigating competitive, creative industries

Continuous learning is becoming the norm. in the form of inquiry-based learning experiences that go beyond the classroom. It is essential that we are flexible and adaptive in a competitive environment and can predict future scenarios. Full details
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2 May 201916:00

The role of production in the creative economy: Producing events, festivals and live art

Can festivals, events and producing live arts do, on mass, what individual venues are not able to? How can we find innovation in the industry? Is the value or meaning of ideas higher when presented through the production of events? How important is the space to developing the identity of the event?. Full details
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