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Calling all researchers!

Researchers from all backgrounds, disciplines and levels of experience from PhD onwards are invited to take part in Futures 2022 and 2023.

We’re looking for ideas for interactive engagement – it could be a talk, activity, demonstration, walk or workshop. We are open to new suggestions and can help develop an idea if you need help.

To express an interest please fill out a very short form here

Visit the official Futures website to find out more!


Futures 2022

FUTURES2022 is a festival of discovery that celebrates the research and innovation across the South West with an exciting programme of events and activities. 

The event is a collaboration between Bath Spa University, University of Bath, University of Bristol, University of Exeter and University of Plymouth. 

In Exeter, there will be a Pop-Up shop (with talks, demonstrations, and activities), walks with researchers, and a school engagement programme.

What's on in Exeter this year?

Pop-Up Curiosity Shop of Science and Culture 

Make Tank Exeter

30 Sep & 1 Oct 2022

29 & 30 Sept 2023

Calling all imagineers, engineers, and balladeers! A celebration of bonkers discovery and intriguing culture, Agile Rabbit is bringing a shop full of science, mayhem, music and more to the centre of Exeter. It’s just for one day and it’s all free entry. 

Music, theatre, guided walks, demonstrations, talks, workshops, and even robots bring to life the brilliant work that happens at the University of Exeter. 

It will be a celebration of bonkers discovery and intriguing culture filled with science, mayhem, research and more in the centre of Exeter. Theatre, demos, talks, workshops, and even robots will bring to life the brilliant work that happens at UoE. Curious minds can meet scientists, historians, medics, and mathematicians, and more. Musicians and artists will work with researchers to bring their work to life for all ages and backgrounds. 


Walkie Talkies Across the South West 

Various locations across the Southwest

30 Sept & 1 Oct 2022 

29 & 30 Sept 2023

Academics from the University of Exeter and beyond, at varied career stages, will guide walks and reveal varied research in an exciting array of locations. 

Walks will include:

  • Exploring a moorland restoration project on Dartmoor National Park
  • Investigating links between environment, health and oceans through a tour of the fishing town Falmouth
  • Discovering the ancient worlds and biodiversity of our planet through an tour of Reed Hall gardens in Exeter.

This engaging format is the ultimate ‘show and tell’, powerfully bringing research to life, demonstrating findings, and taking the public right into the inspiring places where vital work happens.



Will Exeter ever be a smart city?

Exeter Phoenix

1 Oct 2022

This conversation event - suitable for families, young people and older residents - will use performance to address traditional and new urban issues, such as climate change; urban economies; digital cities; healthy cities and urban food security; AI sensor systems, urban technology and new social movements.

It will explore how all of this will affect the lives of the residents of Exeter, and examine the ethical issues raised and the responses to such issues, from activism to policy-making. 



Curiosity Pop-ups

In schools across Devon and Cornwall

From December 2022

Curiosity pop-ups will take place in secondary schools across Devon and Cornwall with the aim to inspire and excite students about science with a focus on the EU mission areas. Topics will include healthy oceans, smart cities, and cancer research. Researchers will visit schools to deliver interactive 1-hour workshops.

Activities will build on current events that are organised by the University of Exeter Outreach team which is committed to enabling social mobility through education. These workshops will give students a taste of what they can expect in future endeavours.


A History of Witches and Witchcraft

Totnes Cinema

7pm, 20 October 

Who were the witches and why did society fear them so much? What does it mean to be a witch today? 

Join us for a sparky conversation about Witches and Witchcraft – with world-leading speakers in history, politics, and law. 

Not all witches are victims. Whether it’s hexing Donald Trump, online covens or witchy self-defence classes, many are using magical practices as a political resistance.

An Ocean Odyssey

St Petroc's Church, Bodmin

29 Sep 2023

Adults in rural communities are invited to join an Ocean Odyssey with researchers, performance and music.

The evening will explore how world-leading researchers from Exeter Marine at UoE are working collaboratively with industry, policymakers and conservation agencies to deliver innovative solutions to real world problems related to the marine environment, which is critical to our health and wellbeing.

This event will be organised with intoBodmin, a community and cultural organisation that promotes the rural Cornish town of Bodmin as an engaging, and progressive town.