Bijan Sedghi has kindly sponsored Exeter's Graduate Entrepreneur Maintenance Fund (GEM Fund).

University Crowdfunder receives another boost

The University of Exeter’s recent crowdfunding campaign to help student entrepreneurs stay in the city after graduation, has received another boost from experienced businessman, entrepreneur and industrialist, Bijan Sedghi.

Mr Sedghi became a partner in a major law firm at the age of 27, chairman of two quoted groups listed on the main market of the London Stock Exchange at the age of 33 and was recognised by Business Magazine as one of ‘The Top 40 under 40’ at age 36. As an industrialist, he won the Queen’s Award for Export Achievement four times.

Mr Sedghi is a strong believer in the experience of entrepreneurialism: “Real value is created organically by developing new ideas and new technology. Innovation is one of the things that the UK excels at, and I am a strong supporter of innovators, founders and entrepreneurs. Turning something small into something big and potentially global is very exciting.”

The University’s reputation and leadership and his prior awareness of successful graduate entrepreneurs drew Mr Sedghi to the Crowdfunding Campaign and assured him that his sponsorship would be a sound investment: “I have seen some really good ideas coming from Exeter and I know that my money will be put to good use. If we think of the business incubator as an egg incubator, we obviously want the highest quality eggs to hatch. They will not be laid by headless chickens! The Exeter GEM Fund will keep these graduates focused and on the right path and mentor them on their journey to success.”

Mr Sedghi continued: “The GEM Fund retains the link between the graduate and the University but also takes away unnecessary pressures, such as paying bills. With a clear head these individuals can then apply their best mind-set.”

The current total for the Graduate Entrepreneur Maintenance Fund (GEM Fund) campaign is £13,230, which is 36 per cent of the £36,000 target. Recent sponsors include property company, Eagle One and Head of Innovation, Impact and Business, Sean Fielding.

For more information of the campaign visit the crowdfunding page.

Date: 17 July 2018

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