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Defence, Security, Crime and Justice

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We transform public policy and practice across governments and societies, inspire change and deliver solutions for the biggest challenges in business and organisations. Our researchers advise national government and international policy makers and have global networks and partners.

Our world-leading academics offer expertise in business transformation; tax administration; governance and regulation; defence and security; conflict; migration; cyber and space law; family law; social mobility and inclusion; education research and public sector reform.

We provide exceptional professional training in law and justice issues; public policy and administration; global security and strategy; business, management, finance and accounting; and teaching.


Business Transformation

Global challenges and technological advancements mean that disruption is happening faster than ever, exacerbating the need for organisations to adapt to a changing working world. Our world leading interdisciplinary expertise and research in Business Transformation includes: supporting employers in developing the strongest and most fulfilled workforce; working with businesses to navigate and adopt new business processes; and enabling leaders to better understand implications of new technology.

Crime and Justice

Our expertise in Policing and Justice has a broad reach across disciplines, including technical forensics, neuroscience, migration, human rights, prisons, cybercrime and evidence based policing. We work in the area of the migrating world including expertise in displaced children and the illegitimacy of the Fast Track Detention Process. We also work closely with the Police, helping inform and improve evidence based policing and supporting police work with the more vulnerable members of society.

Fewer issues have caught the global attention and urgency than cybercrime. We work with world leading experts, including influential authors of the Tallinn Manual, the definitive analysis on how international law applies to cybercrime. Today, the Tallinn manual is a highly influential resource for legal advisers working to combat cybercrime, leading to a toolkit on cyber law.

Defence and Security

We have a history of successful relationships with government and industry, working together on security challenges across scientific disciplines including electromagnetic and acoustic materials, photonics, molecular microbiology, materials and manufacturing, structural biochemistry and human and social factors.

Our researchers also focus on the broader context of security and conflict, humanitarianism and peace, building on research within the social sciences. We have a rich and varied track record in advising governments, nation states and industry on national security, modern warfare and humanitarian response.

»South West Regional Defence and Security Cluster


We are ranked 5th in the UK for world-leading and excellent education research and have a proven track record of distinction in professional education. Together we work with partners across the Education sector to transform policy and practice, inspire change and deliver solutions.


  • IBM
  • Unilever
  • United Nations
  • NATO
  • Ministry of Justice
  • Ministry of Defence
  • Department for Education
  • JP Morgan
  • Bank of England
  • World Bank


Business Transformation

Sophie Smith
Impact and Partnership Development Manager, Organisational Strategy
01392 724308

Crime and Justice

Jess Hurrell
Impact and Partnership Development Manager, Government, Crime, Justice and Law
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Defence and Security 

Josie Butcher
Impact and Partnership Development Manager, Defence and Security - Industry
01392 722276

Colette Defoe
Impact and Partnership Development Manager, Defence and Security - Government
01326 255818

Finance, Tax and Business Risk

Jack Oliver
Impact and Partnership Development Manager, Finance and Business Risk
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