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Social Change

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Our world-leading academics offer expertise in the future of work and business transformation; tax administration; governance and regulation; social mobility and inclusion; education research and public sector reform.

We provide exceptional professional training in public policy and administration; finance, digital business, leadership, management and teaching.

We transform public policy and practice across governments and societies, inspire change and deliver solutions for the biggest challenges in business and organisations. Our researchers advise multi-nationals as well as regional businesses and charities.

Partnerships and collaborations



IBM is a member of the Corporate Advisory Board for the Exeter MBA and provide module content and guest lectures. The University has an institutional MoU with IBM.


Collaborative research and projects with Unilever include work on gender bias and gender pay gaps.


We have worked on gender parity research with reports and recommendations on governance development which led to a range of initiatives. These enabled the NHS to track gender balance on foundation trust boards

JP Morgan

A strategic partner, working together to build highly skilled finance professionals through a major Degree Apprenticeship [link to DAs also DAs JP Morgan video (needs to be added to YouTube)] collaboration; as well as supporting corporate strategy development, with a focus on digital transformation, client experience and climate finance.

Bank of England

Helping the BoE enhance the ‘stress tests’, put in place post the Global Finance Crisis, which underpin the UK’s annual financial stability review.


We work with in excess of 80 partners on MBA Consultancy Projects and module delivery. These include SAP, Unilever, Nestle, Catapult Satellite Applications, Refinitiv, Danone and more.


Business Transformation

Global challenges and technological advancements mean that disruption is happening faster than ever, exacerbating the need for organisations to adapt to a changing working world. Our world leading interdisciplinary expertise and research in Business Transformation and the Future of Work includes: supporting employers in developing the strongest and most fulfilled workforce; working with businesses to navigate and adopt new business processes; and enabling leaders to better understand implications of new technology.

The Exeter MBA equips students with tools and skills in responsible leadership and provides unique opportunities to work with client organisations through the Exeter MBA Consultancy Project.


100% of our Education research has internationally excellent impact (Based on research impact rated 4* + 3* in REF 2021*) and have a proven track record of distinction in professional education. Together we work with partners across the Education sector to transform policy and practice, inspire change and deliver solutions on areas such as improving social mobility and transforming teaching practice across a range of disciplines.

Finance, Tax, Business Risk

Working across business, law, data and environmental science, our academics are the leading experts in the issues facing businesses today.

Our research has:

  • Supported global financial service firms in tackling the climate emergency
  • Provided input to the Bank of England’s annual financial stability review
  • Contributed to the annual Tax Gap exercise for HM Revenue and Customs
  • Shaped the recent reforms to UK Commercial Insurance law


We have outstanding cross-disciplinary capabilities that meet Government Areas of Research Interest and offer understanding and solutions to local and national government challenges. Researchers work with policymakers at regional, national and international level to enhance decision making. Our researchers work with ministerial and non-ministerial departments, government agencies and public bodies, local authorities, third sector and advocacy organisations. Our work has shaped and improved public policy; organisational process and procedure, public debate and elite understanding.

We are always looking for opportunities to connect with policy makers at a local, national and international level. Contact us by emailing:


Business Transformation

Sophie Smith - Impact and Partnership Development Manager, Organisational Strategy


Phone: 01392 724308


Finance, Tax and Business Risk

Jack Oliver - Impact and Partnership Development Manager, Finance and Business Risk


Phone: 01392 722351


Education and policy

Emma Rundle - Impact and Partnership Development Manager, Policy and Education Innovation


Phone: 01392 727524