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Wetsuits from wetsuits with Finisterre

Finisterre are working with the University on a Knowledge Transfer Partnership to develop the world's first recyclable wetsuit. Read more »


DNA sequencing service

The DNA sequencing service has top class facilities enabling them to carry out fast, accurate and reliable work to your requirements.

Liquid chromatography mass spectrometry (LC-MS)

Using well developed workflows the LC-MS facility team can provide a high quality service to help you meet your LC-MS analysis needs.

Fabrication facilities

Our fabrication facilities include two clean rooms covering a total of 150 square metres housing lithography, etching, dicing and deposition systems for nanofabrication. We have worked successfully with commercial and academic partners and are keen to continue with further projects and collaborations.

Imaging Suite

The Imaging Suite offers a full consultation service, from the initial project concept through to final delivery, and will work closely with you throughout the process.

Centre for Additive Layer Manufacturing

Experienced in working in partnerships with companies, other universities and government agencies, the Centre offers consultancy on all aspects of ALM. It is particularly focussed on solving material issues in ALM, working together with research partners at the boundary edge of current knowledge.

Exeter Advanced Technologies (X-AT)

X-AT are a multi-talented team dedicated to commercially minded research in advanced manufacturing and materials development.
They work with industry to bring you the latest solutions from quick telephone referrals to long term project commitments to make your organisation more successful. X-AT partners include Airbus and BAE Systems.
X-AT works closely with the Centre for Additive Layer Manufacturing (CALM).

Chemical, imaging and mineralogical facility

The chemical, imaging and mineralogical facility focuses on the analysis of chemical elements in inorganic materials, and in particular is aimed at geological materials. The wide range of spot and bulk methods available allows for comprehensive compositional and structural analysis of a variety of natural and synthetic compounds.

Offshore testing

The offshore renewable energy group can support marine operations, mooring applications and reliability assessments for ORE applications through research assessing the ocean environment.

They can also assist you in simulating and analysing the marine load conditions (numerically and physically) and in undertaking in-field measurements to support oceanographic resource, engineering load or environmental impact assessments.

Centre for Energy and Environment

The Centre for Energy and Environment (CEE) works in a range of interdisciplinary fields to help businesses become more sustainable. 

Digital Humanities Lab

Our £1.2 million investment into Digital Humanities has created a new lab and research space for the examination and preservation of important historical, literary and visual artefacts. The lab allows researchers to use high-tech equipment to find out more about our cultural heritage, examine in greater detail and share their discoveries with the public.