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Climate tools

This collection of FREE climate tools allows you to visualise and quantify the environmental impact of your actions, either as a business or as an individual.

Coming in 2021, this tool will enable parish councils and local communities to estimate baseline carbon emissions for their area. It will enable the development of meaningful and locally appropriate carbon reduction strategies by parish councils that allow them to support their district and county councils with well-targeted activity that focuses on big-emissions sectors rather than spending time on well-meanin, but low-impact, activities.

Developed in collaboration with the Centre for Sustainable Energy (CSE), Bristol.

The JamieLab led by Dr Jamie Shutler, Associate Professor in Earth Observation, has developed several tools to calculate and monitor ocean reflectivity, CO2 exchange and acidification using satellite technology. These are all open source and freely available through Dr Shutler's website.

You can understand the environmental impacts of existing and altered land use across England and Wales using the Natural Environment Valuation Online tool (NEVO). The tool brings together spatially explicit data, natural science and economic models to provide insights into the integrated relationships between climate change, land use change, ecosystem service flows and economic values. NEVO is open access and freely available.

This tool provides information to the government, businesses and communities to facilitate understanding of the benefits derived from accessible green space in England, for example, as part of strategic or project appraisal, policy evaluation or natural capital accounting. 

The Outdoor Recreation Valuation tool (ORVal) was developed by the Land, Environment, Economics and Policy Institute (LEEP) with funding from DEFRA.

These tools are available via the Lagas Hub, which inlcudes mapping tools, online resources and live streams from Cornwall’s environments. These tools enable you to make the most of the opportunities to grow our environment, and see how Cornish enterprises are helping to shape a new economy for Cornwall.

Lagas - supports the Environmental Growth Strategy published by Cornwall Council. This strategy aims to deliver a healthy, growing natural environment alongside a vibrant economy in Cornwall. This work aims to develop new economic and environmental opportunities to help Cornwall play its part in the global transition towards a circular economy and environment-led development.