Utilities management

Engineers within Estate Services are responsible for the fixed electrical and mechanical distribution systems that supply the University’s campuses:

  • Heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, including associated distribution networks and boiler houses.
  • Hot and cold water systems.
  • Sewage and drainage including associated pumps and tanks.
  • Natural gas systems.
  • Specialist systems including fume extract and compressed air.
  • Electricity distribution – high and low voltage.
  • Fixed electrical systems within buildings (lighting, power, alarm systems, access control, etc).
  • Exterior lighting.
  • Telecommunication and data systems.
  • Lightning protection.
  • Lifts including stair lifts and dumb waiters.

Within each campus, mains services including gas, electricity and water are supplied on private systems owned and operated by the University.

The redesign and replacement of these systems is captured within the capital development programme and long term maintenance plan in addition to energy reduction programmes. Please view the Combined Services Plan to see a plan of these services.

For more information on engineering projects and systems please contact:

Paul Mucklow
Director of Engineering and Direct Works
Phone: 01392 724561
Email: p.r.mucklow@exeter.ac.uk

Energy management

The University has a full time Energy Manager, Andy Seaman, who is responsible for formulating and implementing the University's Energy Policy, monitoring and targeting energy consumption and costs, increasing awareness of energy issues among staff and students and identifying opportunities to increase energy efficiency.

For more information on energy management please see the Energy Management web page or contact:

Andy Seaman
Energy Manager
Phone: 01392 726382
Email: a.seaman@exeter.ac.uk