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Campus porters and mail room staff


Our Academic porters support both campuses and undertake a variety of roles including

  • Small office moves
  • Disposal of IT equipment, furniture and white goods
  • Sorting of mail in Academic buildings
  • Examination setups
  • Transporting parcels and equipment around and between both campuses
  • Setting up of areas for teaching and event
  • Opening and closing of Academic buildings

Facilities porters hours of work and charges:

  • Monday to Friday 07:30 to 22:00, covered by two shifts
  • Saturday & Sunday: on request as overtime and charged at £20 per hour with a minimum charge of 3 hours. A budget code must be attached for bookings through Room Bookings.
  • Conference bookings will be charged through Event Exeter as normal.
  • Cancellations must be received 48 hours before the booking commences if the Event is to be held over the weekend. Failure to notify Facilities in the timescale stated will incur a minimum 3 hour charge at £20 per hour.
  • All requests for a porter must be submitted on a 'Move it' or 'Room set up' form on the Campus Services Helpdesk page.

Mail room

We aim to provide a cost effective, customer orientated mail service throughout the University on a daily basis. We are located in the Old Library on Prince of Wales Road.

Tel: 01392 722041 Opening hours 08:00-16:00, Monday to Friday.

For more information see the mailroom section of the FAQ.

Inter-campus courier service

Service schedule

Term time Every Tuesday and Thursday
Outside term time Every Wednesday

Delivery and collection points

Penryn Campus - Peter Lanyon Reception 9.45am
Penryn Campus - Library 9.50am
Penryn Campus - Mail room 10.00am
Truro Knowledge Spa Request stop only
Streatham Campus - Mail room (Old Library) 12.00pm (dependant on traffic)
Streatham Campus - Library 12.05pm
Streatham Campus - LSI/GP stores 12.10pm
Truro Knowledge Spa Request stop only
  • For standard sized internal post please leave at your internal post point as usual
  • For large / heavy / valuable items please complete a 'Porter request' form. Once you have submitted the request you will receive a printable summary - please print and attach this to your parcel
  • Items to go to LSI/GP Stores do not require a 'move-it' form as this is a scheduled drop off point. Please mark package clearly

Location: Penryn Campus – internal post can be left at either the Penryn Mail Room (DDM) or at the Student information desk in Peter Lanyon Building. Penryn colleagues who are sending large / heavy / valuable packages to Exeter (not LSI/GP stores) should complete a ‘Porter request’ form so that the Exeter Mail Room team can ensure that the package reaches the correct building once it is received in the Exeter Mail Room.

Location: Exeter Mail Room (Old Library) – items other than normal sized internal post should be booked via a 'Porter request’ form. This should be completed no matter whether you are delivering the item to the Exeter Mail Room or you require it to be collected from your building – please give as much notice as you can.

Location: LSI/GP Stores – you are welcome to drop packages to this location for transportation to Penryn. No need to pre-book – please have packages to stores by 11:30am. Please ensure wet/dry ice parcels are appropriately/safely packaged. Penryn staff can also send packages here as an agreed drop-off point (label packages appropriately so it’s clear that they are for LSI/GP Stores) Penryn staff should have packages to the Penryn Mail Room for 9:30am. The stores team will contact Streatham colleagues to notify them that a package has arrived.

Contact details for AJJ Couriers

Contact name - Andrew Judge

Email address - ajjcourierservice@hotmail.com

Tel. 07535 038319