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Temporary parking measures in operation UPDATED June 2021


During the Covid-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdown in the summer of 2020, the University took steps to ensure that all regular payments for parking were stopped and all parking rules and regulations were suspended.  This involved stopping all salary deductions for colleagues for both parking and bus travel, and removing all pay and display charges.

From the 21st of September 2020, all usual parking rules and regulations with the exception of permit charging were reinstated on the Exeter Campuses.  This means that vehicles were expected to be parked only within marked bays, and must have a permit in place.  Car share 2+ spaces will also be reinstated and so these should not be used before 0930 for non-car share permit holders.  Visitor charging was also reinstated on Monday 28th September 2020.

Who can park?

If you still have a valid Annual / Authority to Park / Accessible permit then you can continue to park as usual on campus.  To enable a gradual return to campus, parking charges for permit holders will continue to be suspended until 31st August 2021.  This means for Annual permit holders who pay through their salary, they will see no deductions from their pay until further notice, and Authority to Park users DO NOT need to purchase a pay and display ticket until then.

Visitors to the campus, and non-permit holders will need to purchase a pay and display session as usual, and departments wishing to purchase visitor permits will need to provide a cost code as usual.

Temporary permits

Update - All temporary permits will now be automatically valid until 31st August 2021 - regardless of what is printed on your permit

The University recognises that there may be instances whereby a member of staff who would normally use public transport due to not being eligible for a parking permit, may no longer feel comfortable doing so.  It is also noted that current government guidance states that public transport should only be used by those who really need it, but that you should walk or cycle where you can.  To enable colleagues to drive their car to work and park if they need to, we have set up a temporary permit system.  You can apply for a free permit regardless of your usual eligibility which will be valid until 31st August 2021.  To do this, please email the parking team with the following information;

  • Name
  • Vehicle registration number
  • Contact phone number
  • Home postcode
  • Postal address (internal or external) so we can send the permit to you.

Until your permit arrives please could you assist us by putting a note in the window of your vehicle stating "Permit applied for" and the date.  This will enable enforcement officers to focus their attention in the right areas.

These permits are currently available to Staff and PGR's only.

If you have any queries you can call the parking team between 1000 and 1400 Mon - Fri and they will be happy to assist.

What are the changes to pricing?

The changes to who has to pay and what, are summarised below;


Annual permit holders - U of E staff Through salary deduction – deductions are currently suspended and will restart with effect from 1st September 2021, and will first show in your September pay
Annual permit holders - Third Parties Payment will be taken upfront when applying for the permit, but the usual fees will be pro rata'd to take into account there being no charge until 1st September 2021
Annual permit holders - Students Payment will be taken upfront when applying for the permit, but the usual fees will be pro rata'd to take into account there being no charge until 1st September 2021
Authority to park holders No charge for all holders - you do not need to purchase a pay and display session / ticket
Temporary permit holders No charge
Accessible permit holders No charge until further notice
Visitors Usual visitor charging in effect from Monday 28th September.  Pay and display can be done through the Pay By Phone app / website.  Visitor permits can be purchased by internal departments a usual

How to Pay and Display

Charging resumed on Monday 28th September 2020

The University has taken steps to become a cashless campus, and as a result of which, cash will no longer be accepted to purchase parking tickets.  All of our pay and display parking machines are no longer in use.  As an alternative, the University has partnered with one of the leading national cashless parking suppliers, Pay By Phone.  Using this service you can pay through their app, on their website or over the phone.  The details on how to use this service will be displayed in all previous ticket machine locations and on the now decommissioned parking machines.

How will we be enforcing parking?

As always we will be taking a measured approach to parking enforcement.  We recognise that there may be instances where a permit has expired and this has not been noticed by the driver, or someone may have missed communication of the reintroduction of parking charges.  In these circumstances we usually issue a warning as a prompt to the driver to take action in future.  Warnings are issued at the discretion of the parking team and so you cannot rely on receiving a warning for your first contravention.  If you are awaiting a permit to be issued, you are still able to park, please just leave a note in the window stating as such and the attendant can confirm this with our administrators.