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Frequently Asked Questions

Please note that a new FAQs section is now live on My Career Zone with the latest information. 

My Career Zone is an online resource designed to inform you about career opportunities and develop your employability. If you're a student or graduate of the University of Exeter, you can use My Career Zone to:

  • Search for part-time and casual jobs on and off campus.
  • Find graduate-level jobs and placements.
  • Access employability factsheets, podcasts, FAQs and other career resources.
  • Book places on employability events and skills sessions.
  • Find internships and work experience opportunities.

Learn how to make the most out of your My Career Zone account here.

My Career Zone Digital is a digital careers resource accessible to students and graduates forever after they leave Exeter.

Whether you are still searching for your dream job or you just want to undertake some professional development within your current role, My Career Zone Digital is the perfect online tool for you.  Within My Career Zone Digital you have access to a wide range of fantastic resources from sector reports, IT and workplace skills e-learning, career assessments, interview simulation, CV and Cover Letter builders, and much more.  My Career Zone Digital is just one of the advantages of being an Exeter alum and having access to Careers Forever! Please read Marie John's (BA Sociology, 2014-2017) blog to find out what tools she has found most useful within My Career Zone Digital.

The Exeter Award will help you develop a range of skills, enhance your employability and boost your CV.

The Exeter Leaders Award will help you reflect on your leadership style and techniques, and set clear, achievable goals for self-development.

Both Awards include elements like skill sessions, sporting and musical activities, work experience and mock interviews. The Awards are recognised by employers, and can give you the edge in applying for jobs.

Login to your profile in My Career Zone to register or track your progress.

Take a look at our part-time jobs section, which includes information on how to apply for jobs. If you're searching for current vacancies, login to My Career Zone and use the search field. There's also information for international students.

There's some great resources to help you get started on creating a great CV, covering letter or application on My Career Zone

In addition, there are a number of tips, videos and templates on My Career Zone Digital. You can also submit your CV for a 50-point accuracy check before coming to see us for a review appointment.

If you need to book an appointment for a CV review, get in touch with us at the Career Zone, we can review your CV via email or discuss various appointment possibilities with you.

CV appointments usually last 15 minutes, while application form appointments last 20 minutes, but you can return as many times as you like!

Visit the events page on My Career Zone, and use the search bar and filters to find an event you're interested in.

Click on an event, then 'Book' and a confirmation email will be sent to your University account.

You can book appointments by speaking to one of our Information Assistants via our live chat feature on My Career Zone, or email us at We’ll ask you some questions about your career planning and specific needs and provide the best resources and support available to meet them. We can help you to be prepared for any appointments with quick advice and information. Specific tips are available on the ‘Maximise Your Appointment’ pages. 

You can cancel events online by visiting the event page in My Career Zone and clicking 'Cancel Booking' up to 24 hours in advance. If it's within 24 hours of the event you can contact us to cancel.

If you will not be able to attend a careers appointment, let us know and we can cancel your booking.

Please cancel bookings as soon as you know you will be unable to attend to allow other students to take up these opportunities.  

If you miss an appointment or event, please inform us as to why you were absent as soon as you can.


You can contact us via the Live Chat icon at the bottom of this page or in My Career Zone. You can also email (Streatham Campus), or (Penryn Campus).

You can search for internships and placements on My Career Zone, filtering the results to find a good match.

Once you find one you’re interested in, click on it and read the description carefully - it will list all the information you'll need to make the application.

Under 'How to Apply', it will guide you through the application process.

Mock interviews are listed under events and you can find information about how to book them in the event details. Search for Event Type of Employer Mock Interview.

You will usually need to upload a CV before you can book a mock interview.

Contact us

You can contact us via the Live Chat icon at the bottom of this page or in My Career Zone. You can also email (Streatham Campus), or (Penryn Campus).

Have a look at our Global Employability page with information and advice on working abroad.

You can also find out about Erasmus +a great opportunity to test your career ambitions, motivation and gain credit towards your Exeter degree.

There are 1 to 1 Global Opportunities appointments as well, contact us to find out when they're available. 

Contact us

You can contact us via the Live Chat icon at the bottom of this page or in My Career Zone. You can also email (Streatham Campus), or (Penryn Campus).

If you're studying Medicine, please get in touch with South West Peninsula Postgraduate Medical Education who'll give you specialist careers advice.

If you're looking for a part time job for when you start at Exeter please see our Prospective Students' Information.

To get the link to access the webinar please go to the page for the specific event. You can find your booked events on this page:

We usually run webinars using Microsoft Teams or Skype for Business. 

Please log in up to 15 minutes before the session is due to start to check you have logged in correctly and your sound settings are workingYou may need to download the Teams/Skype for Business app if you have not used this platform in the past. Please log in using your full name so that we can record your attendance.

Please note that if you try to join the webinar after it has started, the presenter may exclude you from the session. A register of attendance will be taken at the end of the webinar. 

  • We recommend that you watch the webinar using a PC, tablet or laptop rather than a phone.
  • The meeting link on the event page is unique – it is the only link which will give you access to this webinar. Please do not copy this link to use in the future as this may cause problems for you. In some cases you may be sent the link rather than it appearing on the event details page. 
  • You will need your speakers turned on or you can use a headset/earphones and have a good internet connection.
  • Accessing via PC/laptop/mac: if you do not have Teams/Skype for business installed you will usually be directed to your default web browser. You may be required to download the app to take part. In some cases it may allow you access via the browser. You should then be able to access the meeting as a guest and be asked to enter your name. If accessing via PC/laptop you may also want to try using a different browser. Click following links if you have difficulty accessing via  Teams or Skype for Business.
  • Accessing via tablet/mobile device: if you do not have Teams/Skype for business installed you will be directed to download the app. You can join the meeting as a guest via the app.

Signing into a webinar via a Mobile device

  • On the event page on the My Career Zone website, click on link to join the meeting. 
  • You will need the Teams or Skype for Business app installed. You can install in advance of the webinar. If it is not already installed a popup should take you to the app store to download this
  • If you do not have a Teams/Skype for Business account you will then be able to join the meeting as a guest by typing in your name.

Signing into a webinar via desktop

  • On the event page on the My Career Zone website, click on link to join the meeting.
  • You may then need to install an app to allow you to access Teams/Skype, ensure no pop-up blockers come up
  • Once the app has been installed, you should be taken straight through to the Webinar.
  • If you have any issues with sound, try quitting the meeting and re-entering
    • You can also use the chat function within the Webinar to alert the webinar leader to any issues you may have.

Researcher Development Webinars

Researcher Development webinars operate in a slightly different way and if you are booked into one of these then you will receive an email with a link to participate in the webinar in advance of the webinar taking place. So if you are registered for this type of event then do look out for the email from the Researcher Development team.