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Advice for international students

International students find working part time a great way to increase their work experiences and understand British culture and there are many part time jobs in Exeter that particularly suit international students. There are a few conditions depending on where you are from regarding UK employment; but all students who are not from the UK will usually need to get a National Insurance Number when gaining paid employment in the UK. See below for further information on National Insurance Numbers.

EU Students: Most European Economic Area/Swiss nationals do not need to ask for permission from UK Visas and Immigration to work in the UK but will need to apply for a National Insurance Number.

Croatian students: If you are a Croatian national studying in the UK, you will need to obtain authorisation to work in the UK. Further advice can be found on the UKVI web pages.

International students: Please visit Working in the UK for further details and an overview of the difference between unpaid employment (voluntary work) and volunteering as explained in the Tier 4 policy guidance.

International students find working part-time a great way to increase their work experiences and understand British culture and there are many part-time jobs in Exeter and Cornwall that particularly suit international students. 

For the latest part-time/casual vacancies, the best place to look is on Handshake, but if you require any support when looking for part-time employment please contact the

We also offer webinars on finding part-time employment as an international student, you can search for these in Handshake under events.

If you are considering taking up volunteering or unpaid work please refer to the International Student Support pages to check what is considered as volunteering or voluntary work and if you have any visa related questions please email

You can contact us at if you would like to book a 1:1 appointment for help in finding part time work opportunities. This service is for students studying at the University of Exeter only.

A National Insurance Number (NINO) is a number unique to you to help your employer pay your National Insurance contributions; no one else can use this number and it is not related Health Insurance.

National Insurance Numbers are free, please do not pay an online service to generate a number for you.

You do not need a National Insurance number to start work if you can prove you have the right to work in the UK, but you will need to get one when you get a job.  

If you have a BRP, a national Insurance number may be printed on this.

If you don't have a BRP or have BRP without a National Insurance Number and have the right to work in the UK and have found a job, you will need to apply for a National Insurance Number.

Application is easy and more information can be found on the Gov.UK including the online application

It can take 16 weeks to receive a national insurance number.

If you need any further information or any assistance please contact us at