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Apply to be a postgraduate facilitator

Facilitators are an essential part of the overall success of the Challenges Online programme. They work closely with the undergraduates, academics and external experts to ensure that the experience is well co-ordinated and that all students maximise their educational experience and potential.   

Facilitators help to plan, guide and manage a group, ensuring that the group's objectives are met effectively, with clear thinking, good participation and full buy-in from all students involved. Facilitators are not expected to teach subject content to their groups; in this role, you need to understand more about how people learn than about the subject the students are investigating. However, some of the challenges are asking for subject-specific knowledge (Social Inequality and Future Food), but this will be clearly signposted on the application form. 

Become a Postgraduate Facilitator

Hear from Kate Massey-Chase about the benefits for applying for a postgraduate facilitator role with Challenges Online.

Please note that this video was filmed prior to the coronavirus outbreak, and that all work with Challenges Online 2021 will be conducted entirely remotely. 

The Role   

The rate of pay is £17.21 an hour. Facilitators will be paid £602.35 for Challenges Online Week, for 35 hours work (those on Tier 4 visas will be paid £344.20 for 20 hours work). The role of the facilitator outside of Challenges Online Week will depend on the requirements of the individual Challenge but will likely involve between 5-15 hours work. Facilitators should be able to commit to working 7th - 11th June 2021, and have availability to work 5-15 hours between Easter and the end of June– some before and some after Challenges Online Week. 


This is an overall summary of the duties:  

  • Attend a briefing session in May 

  • Attend planning workshops during April/May with the academics running the Challenges 

  • Facilitate enquiry group sessions from 9am-5pm during Challenges Online Week (7th  – 11th June 2021) 

  • Be available to write up summaries of the week and attend feedback discussions in the week following Challenges Online (14th-18th June 2021 


We are no longer accepting applications for this position.