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The Green Consultants programme offers employers the opportunity to work with inspired University of Exeter students, keen to start their careers in the environmental and sustainability sector. This industry-recognised, award-winning training programme prepares our students for the workplace through a combination experiential learning alongside knowledge application on real business projects for the University.  

The interactive programme comprises of 3 key elements:

  1. Training: 3 days of intensive technical and employability training (see below for further information)
  2. On Campus Business Project: Students lead and deliver on live sustainability or environmental themed business projects at our campuses.
  3. Internship: Working with or within organisations utilising the skills they have developed during the training and their University studies. Due to the current Covid-19 situation, all internships will be via remote working.  

Applications to host an Exeter Green Consultants intern are now closed, but if you would like to host a Green Consultant from the Penryn campus, or be involved next year, please contact us.  

Our students are keen to work on sustainability projects, for any UK-based SME organisations (including charities and NFP), in any sector. Internships could include:

  • Energy reduction plan
  • Waste audit and recommendations for change
  • Research of sustainable products and services
  • Environmental performance monitoring
  • Community engagement on sustainability issues
  • Travel audits
  • Green travel plan
  • Source sustainable supply chains
  • Communication of sustainability changes
  • Making your events more sustainable, including sourcing vegan and local hospistality
  • Exlpore technical solutions
  • Scope a larger sustainability project

Alternatively, if you are an employer from the sustainability or environmental sector, we will consider any project from your business. 


15/01/2020- Open for applications from business

28/02/2020- Closing date for applications form business

06/03/2020- Inform business whether application for a funded summer intern has been accepted

13/03/2020- The business will be sent details of the student we have matched to your internship

20/03/2020- The university will send a 'student secondment agreement' to the business to sign

27/03/2020- The business to make induction arrangements with the intern

27/03/2020- The business to return signed 'student secondment agreement'

30/03/2020- Internship start date (at the earliest)

26/06/2020- Internship end date and feedback form to be submitted (at the latest)



The Green Consultant programme is delivered on our Streatham campus (Exeter) and Penryn campus (Cornwall).

Of the 21 Streatham students, 4 students need to undertake 3-week placement as it will also count towards their Masters degree. The remaining 17 students need a 1-week internship, that will not count towards their degree mark, but will complete the Green Consultant programme. The 1-week internships or 3-week placements need to be undertaken on the following weeks:

  • Monday 30th March- Friday 3rd April, 2020
  • Monday 20th April- Friday 24th April,2020
  • Monday 27th April- Friday 1st May, 2020
  • Monday 15th June- Friday 19th June, 2020
  • Monday 22nd June- Friday 26th June, 2020

For Penryn students they have more flexibility and can complete their 100 hours placement from January through to mid July 2020, they often complete the hours in a full time block during their Easter or summer holidays.

To apply for your free Green Consultant Intern to work in your organisation, please get in touch.

All students have undertaken a rigorous recruitment and selection process conducted by the University, to ensure we select the best candidates.

Students will be presented with all the internships opportunities on offer and asked to identify their preferences. We will make the final decision of who will be matched to your opportunity and as such, your organisation will not need to undertake any recruitment or selection process of our students.

Once we have identified the most suitable intern for you we will send you their details in March 2020. We very much hope that you will be satisfied with our selection, however if for any reason this is not the case, you will have the opportunity to withdraw from the scheme. Unfortunately at this stage of the recruitment process, we will not be able to find a replacement intern. 

At the beginning of the internship, we ask that you work through a basic induction with your new intern. You have the option to use some or all of our  Internship Induction Checklist.

We ask employers to set clear objectives for the intern and available to provide information and guidance throughout the week. 

The Green Consultants team will be available the whole internship to support you and your intern should this be required. 

Organisations hosting students who will use the internship to fulfil academic requirements will be required to complete a placement agreement which is a three way agreement between the University, student and hosting organisation.

Note all students are required to submit a reflective report on their period of work experience. For students using the internship to fulfil academic requirements then this will be used as an assessed piece of work. If the work the student will be undertaking is sensitive then please let us know so this can be managed for reflective report.

At the end of the internship week we ask that you please complete the online Internship Evaluation Form and encourage your intern to complete their Internship Evaluation too. These will be emailed to you towards the end of the internship, your comments will be taken into account during our evaluation exercise.

The development of the Green Consultants programme is supported by the Industry Advisory Group. Find out more about the members involved here.

If you would like to ask any questions please contact the Green Consultant team by emailing