The Exeter Leaders Award

Volunteering opportunity: Exeter Leaders Award

Participate as a panel judge, observing up to five students each delivering a 15 minute presentation outlining their leadership activity or outstanding achievement.

Type of Audience

Students of any year or discipline, including taught postgraduates and international students.


In many graduate level job interviews, graduates will be asked to give an example of, and reflect on, a time when they have led a team. The Exeter Leaders Award Presentations give students the opportunity to practise showcasing a leadership activity and demonstrate that they understand the role of a leader.  It will also enable them to assess their own effectiveness and plan for their future development. .

The more prepared they are, the more likely it is that any future interviews will go smoothly.

Benefits to the University of Exeter

This activity helps each student to reflect on their own experiences in a way that they may be required to do for the recruitment and selection process.  It also prepares students for the type of presentation they may be required to give as part of the recruitment process, and the feedback given by the judges is intended to help them improve in this area.

Format and timings

Approximately 5 students per session each deliver a 10 minute presentation outlining their leadership activity. There will be around 5 minutes for questions from the judging panel. These questions will probe into the leadership activity or question the students on any further competencies they have developed. The judging panel will also include feedback on the student’s presentation style, body language and manner of delivery. Students attending Leaders Award presentations will also be encouraged to take part in questioning other candidates following their presentations.

Who would suit this opportunity?

  • Employers in recruitment roles or with recent experience of conducting recruitment interviews.   
  • Experience of interviewing recent graduates would be ideal, to understand the skill set they have.

Role for the Alumnus/Employer

  • Join us, ideally for two hours as a judge on the Exeter Leaders Award Panel.
  • Observe up to five students as they conduct their presentation, one at a time for fifteen minutes each.
  • Provide constructive feedback to the students, welcoming comments from fellow student group members and other judges.


Anka Djordjevic, Programme Manager (Interdisciplinary Pathways),