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The Career Mentor Scheme is celebrating its tenth birthday this year. Join us and become part of the celebrations!

Career Mentor Scheme

The Career Mentor Scheme is a popular employability scheme which matches experienced professionals with a student or graduate, for sector insight and one-to-one careers advice and guidance, for 6 months. 

If you would be interested in supporting our students and graduates, please click here to complete our Expression of Interest form and a member of the team will be in touch when we open for the next scheme.


(If you are a current student or recent graduate viewing this page, please see our student and graduate webpage.)

The Career Mentor Scheme has been bringing bright, enthusiastic students together with successful professionals in mutually beneficial mentoring partnerships for nearly 10 years. As of September 2018, we are thrilled to announce that this great scheme will now be available to recent University of Exeter graduates (those who have graduated within the last three years).  To learn more about working with graduates, please read our Mentoring Graduates - Information for Mentors document.

Another exciting change being introduced in September 2018 is that we will now be allowing students and graduates who have already participated in the Career Mentor Scheme to do so again. We feel that it is of benefit to our students and graduates to have the opportunity to possibly explore different sectors through the insight of our wonderful mentors, or even to delve even further in to a sector they have already begun to explore. 

Our mentors are professionals from all different sectors and professions who volunteer to support students and graduates by providing invaluable insight, advice and guidance into their chosen career via email, telephone, Skype or meetings in person at least once per month for up to 6-months.

Our mentors are a mix of alumni and non-alumni, from all sectors and professions and are based in the UK and overseas.


  • We take an up to date profile from you and advertise you as a ‘mentoring opportunity’ for students from across the University to apply to be formally mentored by you.
  • We hand match the right applicant to you.
  • Your mentee will receive 2 hour training to learn how to be a responsible mentee.
  • Access to new mentor online training, a written guide to the scheme and on-line employability resources.
  • Access to a network of fellow career mentors, many of whom are Alumni.
  • An invitation to a ‘Meet Your Mentor’ event in Exeter.
  • Regular follow up from the Mentoring Team to check on progress and offer support.
  • Formal recognition of your volunteering hours by the University of Exeter's Global Advancement Team.
  • An invitation to the Vice Chancellor’s Summer Garden Party.
  • Access to bright and enthusiastic undergraduate/postgraduate students and graduates who can provide a fresh view of your organisation.
  • The satisfaction of helping students and graduates to realise their true potential, whilst reflecting upon your own career achievements.
  • Voluntary experience to enhance your CV.
  • Develop and utilise existing professional and personal support skills.
  • Engagement with a world class University.

Read mentoring success stories of those who have benefitted from the scheme.

We ask that all our mentors have:

  • Professional experience in any graduate career sector with three-years minimum experience (mentors range from graduate trainees to managers and company directors) 
  • An email address, telephone number or Skype address they can share with their mentee 
  • A keen interest in supporting students and graduates to improve their employability
  • Willingness to support one or more students and graduates for up to 6-months on a voluntary (unpaid) basis
  • Mentors can be based in the UK or overseas

Read further information about the scheme and the scheme timeframes with details of the process. You may also access mentoring support and training resources for more information. 

To sign up as a mentor, please complete the following mentor application form. This will take approximately 15 minutes to complete. Once you have submitted this form, we should have everything we need from you in order to register you as a mentor on the scheme. 

Parts of the mentor application form, including your answers to the suitability questions, will be used to create an “advert” for applicants. Your contact details and equal opportunities will not be shared in the advert. More limited information such as your name, job title and company will be shared through a range of marketing channels, including the University’s website and social media, to target eligible applicants, however this may also be seen by others.

Occasionally we may need a little more information from you, and will get in touch should this be the case. 

Duration: 6-months in duration- May 2020 – October 2020

Mentees: The scheme is open to undergraduate and postgraduate students from all colleges and campuses.

Level of contact: Mentoring partnerships are expected to maintain contact at least once per month via email, telephone, Skype or in person.

Expected timeline summary:

January 2019

Closing date for mentor applications: 17th January 2020


Mentor opportunities are advertised to students from 20th January 2020

March 2019

Mentees are selected and trained

April 2019

Mentor and mentee are introduced via email

May 2019 'Meet Your Mentor' event
  Mentoring month 1
June 2019 Mentoring month 2
July 2019 Mentoring month 3
August 2019 Mentoring month 4
September 2019 Mentoring month 5
October 2019 Mentoring month 6
  Feedback sought


Duration: 6-months in duration- November 2019 – April 2020

Mentees: The scheme is open to undergraduate/postgraduate students and graduates from all colleges and campuses.

Level of contact: Mentoring partnerships are expected to maintain contact at least once per month via email, telephone, Skype or in person.

Expected timeline summary:

August 2019

Closing date for mentor applications: 28th August 2019

September 2019 Mentor opportunities are advertised to students from 1st September 2019
October 2019 Mentees are selected and trained.
November 2019 Mentees and Mentors introduced by email

'Meet Your Mentor' Event - Date: Tuesday 26th November 2019


Mentoring month 1

December 2019 Mentoring month 2
January 2020 Mentoring month 3 
February 2020 Mentoring month 4
March 2020 Mentoring month 5
April 2020 Mentoring month 6 
  Feedback sought

Please save the date for the 'Meet Your Mentor' event which will be held on Tuesday 24th September, 6-8pm. You will receive a formal invitation once we match you with your mentee. 

Any data provided to the University by any party will be processed in accordance with Student Employability and Academic Success (SEAS) Privacy Policy


If you are interested in finding out more about the Career Mentor Scheme, please contact us at or call 01392 722034.