Work Shadowing Scheme

The Work Shadowing Scheme gives students an opportunity to shadow a professional for a day in their workplace, providing them with a brilliant insight into what it is like to work in a particular sector, job role or company.

We are seeking established employers based in the South West or London who can offer an opportunity for a student to shadow them for a full working day in their workplace in April 2019.

The day should include opportunities for the student to observe day to day tasks, meet fellow colleagues and attend meetings or events.

Applications for work shadowing hosts is now open, please complete the form to apply or email if you have any queries.

Want to help but not sure what to offer? We would be more than happy to help you to design your work shadowing day, please email us at or call 01392 727089.

Please note that work shadowing opportunities should be work based (rather than home based).

  • Meet bright and enthusiastic students from a leading Russell Group University
  • Share your expertise to help develop students for professional life
  • Gain experience in helping students to realise their career aspirations
  • Talent spot students for potential future work opportunities
  • Promote your company amongst students
  • Supportive/ kind
  • Honest and realistic
  • Interested in students and career development
  • Open to questions
  • Approved for WSS to take place (insurance cover, risk assessment completed etc.)
  • Committed to creating an interesting day

Students will apply for opportunities on a competitive first-come first-served basis.

We will make the final decision of who will be matched to your opportunity and as such, your organisation will not need to undertake any selection process of our students.

Once a student has been matched, we will send you their details in mid-March 2019. We very much hope that you will be satisfied with our selection, however if for any reason this is not the case, you will have the opportunity to withdraw from the scheme.

At the end of the internship week we ask that you please complete the online Work Shadowing Evaluation Form and encourage your intern to complete their evaluation too. These will be emailed to you towards the end of the internship, your comments will be taken into account during our evaluation exercise.

If you have any questions please mail us at or call 01392 727089