No. of weeks

No. of hours (based

on a 35 hour week)

Rate of Pay

Employer subsidy

(NO VAT but inc.

Employer N.I. 


Minimum company


8 weeks 280 hours total £10.10 per hour £3,100* (NO VAT)

£0 or workplace pension

contributions if applicable


*This amount is intended to cover your intern's wage (£10.10 per hour x 280 hours) plus your employer National Insurance contributions for the duration of your intern's contract. Other costs, for example if you offer your intern the opportunity to join a pension scheme in the time they are with you, will not be covered by the subsidy. 

In order to be eligible for an employer subsidy your company needs to:

  • Be based in London
  • Be a reputable organisation
  • Provide a contract of employment. Please note, interns are required to be employed, not self-employed. For more information please go to the HMRC website
  • Have suitable liability insurance
  • Offer a pension scheme to your intern or provide suitable details of why your intern would not qualify for pension under auto-enrolment rules, for example if you have elected to use the deferment option available to employers
  • Commit to providing feedback to the University of Exeter at the end of the internship

The role must:

  • Be in advertising, marketing or PR
  • Use graduate level skills, knowledge and/or experience.
  • Aid career development.
  • Include tasks and responsibilities normally associated with a graduate level position.
  • Provide training and support.
  • Be within the UK.
  • Be undertaken at full time (35 hours per week)
  • Commence between Monday 8 January and Wednesday 10 January 2018 and be 8 weeks in duration
  • Release the intern for 28 hours paid leave. This corresponds to 4 full working days (at 7 hours per day) or equivalent, as per employment law.
  • Pay £10.10 per hour (London living wage)

Your intern must:

  • Have graduated from an undergraduate programme at the University of Exeter in 2017
  • Have the right to work in the UK and have (or be in the process of applying for) a National Insurance Number
  • Commit to providing feedback to the University of Exeter at the end of the internship


The vacancy advertising window will open on Monday 16 October 2017. If you wish to advertise a vacancy please complete the Internship Vacancy Form‌ by midnight on Sunday 26 November 2017. You will then be contacted by a member of Employment Services to let you know if your vacancy has been accepted on Monday 27 November 2017.

Please note that by submitting your vacancy you are declaring that you wish to employ an intern through the London Internships Scheme. This is not a declaration of interest or a request for further information about the scheme. If you would like to find out more about the scheme before submitting a vacancy, please do feel free to contact the London Internships Team at or on 01392 722034 and one of the team will be very happy to answer any questions you may have. 


We will identify the best intern match for you and will then send you their details on Tuesday 5 December 2017. As such, your organisation will not need to undertake any recruitment or selection processes. We very much hope that you will be satisfied with our selection, however if for any reason this is not the case, you will have the opportunity to withdraw from the scheme. Unfortunately at this stage of the recruitment process, we will not be able to find a replacement intern. When we send you the details of your new intern, we will also issue an Internship Agreement along with further guidance on the next steps.

Once we have accepted your vacancy we will be in touch to ask you to complete:

  • New Supplier Form to provide us with your company's financial details in order to set you up on our systems in preparation for your invoice. If you are self-employed, we would need to ask you to complete an additional form to prove that you are not a sole supplier to the University of Exeter. The deadline for this will be Friday 22 December 2017.

Once you have been matched with your intern on Tuesday 5 December 2017 we will then ask you to:

  • Invoice the University, using the PO number that we will provide. The deadline for invoicing will be Wednesday 31 January 2018. Funding will then be issued to your organisation within 30 days of receipt of invoice.


From the moment a student arrives at Exeter, they will participate in compulsory and optional employability activities and events. We continue to offer employability support to all of our graduates for up to three years after graduation and as such all selected graduates for the London Internships Scheme will participate in a series of compulsory Internship Preparation Webinars.

During the internship, we ask that you work through an induction; you have the option to use this Internship Induction Checklist. We ask employers to set clear objectives for the intern, and review and evaluate their progress during the course of the internship. You have the option to use our Internship Performance Development Review documentation, or your current internal performance indicators. 


The internships team are available to discuss any internship issues you or your intern may be experiencing. We will be in touch with you and your intern half way through the internship to check that everything is running smoothly. We are also here to help you with your future recruitment needs. We can be contacted at

As a condition of receiving a subsidy both parties must complete an internship evaluation form. We ask that all forms are completed before the end of the internship.

We ask that you please complete the Internship Evaluation (Employer) Form and also encourage your intern to complete the Intern Evaluation.

All parties (the employer, the University and the intern), must adhere to the following ‌A2I Terms and Conditions.

The employment subsidies will be paid on the successful placement of the Exeter student into the approved internship, and once Internship Agreements are signed.


Our Employment Services team would welcome a discussion on your internship opportunity. Please contact:

Jo McCreedie
Employer Liaison Officer (Streatham Campus, Exeter)
Tel: 01392 722617

Rebecca Lenthall
Career Mentoring and Internships Coordinator (Streatham Campus, Exeter)
Tel: 01392 722034

London Internships Scheme