Professional Pathways

Professional Pathways programmes offer employers the opportunity to work with motivated University of Exeter students keen to start their careers in their chosen sector:

There are 3 components to a professional pathway programme:

  1. 4 or 5 day training 
  2. group project
  3. 1 week, fully-funded internship in a UK organisation.

Employers can get involved in a professional pathway programe by:

  • delivering a 1-hour training session
  • providing a real-life business challenge for a group project
  • offering a 1-week internship 

We are seeking experienced and knowledgeable industry experts, to volunteer their time to deliver one or more of the 1 hour sessions on this programme.

You will:

  • have at least 3 years experience in this sector
  • be an engaging and confident presenter
  • be willing to utilise Teaching Methods in Higher Education
  • keen to share your experience and expertise
  • reliable and available to deliver a 1 hour session during the training period: 18-21 June 2018
  • have a desire to help students at the beginning of their career
  • prepared to submit your presentation before the training week for feedback form teaching staff at the University.

The training sessions are detailed on the relevant webpage. If you would like to deliver a training session please initially contact us by using the following relevant email:

If you have a real-life business challenge that incorperates many of the training areas detailed on the web pages below, please initially contact us by using the following relevant email:

We are seeking reputable employers based in Devon, Cornwall or London, who can offer a challenging project for a student to undertake either in the workplace or working remotely. For more information, including how to submit an employer vacancy application, please visit: