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Work placement at the Eden Project

Work placements

Work placements are a fantastic opportunity for employers to reap the many rewards from recruiting a University of Exeter student. There are many different formats from part time to full time either as short term or year long placements. Students are looking for employers of all sizes across all sectors in a variety of different roles. 

Our placement team are dedicated to providing excellent employability support to both students and employers to help make the placement experience both positive and impactful for all.

Placements are part of credit-bearing modules that students undertake as part of their degree programme, this is different to internships which are taken as extra-curricular i.e. outside of the degree. 

University of Exeter students are available to undertake a range of placement options, depending on their placement module requirements and your business needs. 

These will vary depending on the particular placement programme/module a student is undertaking, however some examples can be found below; 

Industrial or Professional Placement Year

  • Typically last for between 6 to 12 months 
  • Some students may be able to undertake two or more shorter placements as part of their overall placement requirements 
  • Opportunities usually start in June to August 
  • Undergraduate students take the placement in their third year  
  • Work must be of an appropriate graduate level and aid career development 
  • Advertised at least 3 months in advance of start date to allow for recruitment process and University placement paperwork process 
  • We would recommend that all placements are paid on a minimum of National Living Wage
  • Students may need to complete an academic piece of work e.g. a report as part of their placement module and you may be asked to provide feedback as part of this
  • Here is a list of our current year long placement modules with recommended advertising timelines
  • Placement students may need to complete an academic piece of work e.g. report, based on their placement 
  • Here is our current Year in Industry Placement Module List  

Short-term placement modules

  • The minimum placement length ranges from 1 week up to 3 months and may be worked on a full time or part time basis both during term time and holidays  
  • Placements are undertaken by both undergraduates and postgraduates 
  • Short-term placements may be unpaid although we would recommend all placements are paid 
  • Advertised at least 2-3 months in advance of start date to allow for recruitment process and University placement paperwork process 
  • Placement students may need to complete an academic piece of work e.g. report, based on their placement 
  • Here is our current Short Placement Module List

International placements

  • Often follow the same recruitment pattern as short-term placements
  • Work placements/Internships (from 1 to 12 months)
  • Turing scheme work abroad placements
  • Graduate placements/Internships (2 months +)
  • Support on a particular project or business initiative
  • A pipeline for future talent into your organisation from a prestigious University
  • Inject fresh ideas and up to date knowledge into your business
  • A great way to raise awareness of your company and brand
  • Enables you to give something back by providing our students with a valuable opportunity to build and develop their experience and skills
  • Fill a skills gap or vacancy
  • Benefit from a low-cost staffing solution
  • Develop current staff through opportunities to mentor
  • Create international networks and raise your company profile

Over 4300 of our students are multi-lingual and are thus well-placed to research and analyse country-specific market intelligence and help establish business networks. An Exeter student will typically be able to:

  • Make a valuable contribution to team projects
  • Use effective communication skills across a range of digital and traditional media
  • Devise innovative and creative solutions to meet a range of business needs
  • Analyse, collate and synthesise a wide range of complex data
  • Deploy diverse research techniques and skills
  • Self-manage and use their time effectively

Employing and supporting a placement student is very similar to employing someone within your organisation on a fixed term basis i.e. from recruitment through to end of contract/placement. The main differences generally are; additional paperwork will need to be completed by yourself for the placement (this is very straightforward and easy to complete) and the student will usually have contact from ourselves during the course of the placement to support them as needed e.g. welfare, return to studies after the placement etc. Additionally the student may need to create a piece of work related to the placement which in some cases you may be asked to contribute to.

All vacancies can be advertised for free through our careers portal Handshake, vacancies will be visible to all current students.

In order to advertise your placement vacancy you will need to provide the following information;

  • Company description and web link
  • Job description
  • Person Specification
  • Location and salary details
  • How to apply details

If required, an example Generic Job Description with person specification can be found on this link. For further details and to upload your vacancy please visit‌ here.

We recognise at this time that COVID-19 could impact on the length or type of placement you may be able to offer a student. If you are unsure if your opportunity would be suitable for one of our students as a placement then please get in contact with us as we are working closely with employers to continue to support the provision of placements for our students.  

If you would like to discuss a possible placement with us or have any questions please contact us at the following email addresses: 

Exeter campuses work placements -

Cornwall campus work placements -

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"We have hired a number of Exeter students into our industrial placement roles this year and the quality has been outstanding. With a reputation for being one the best Universities in the UK for Business students, this is also reflected in the services offered by the Business School Careers Team."

Harriette Gwilt, University Recruitment Graduate, Johnson & Johnson