Aspirational Educators

Teaching experience can count towards the Exeter Award.

Elements of Aspirational Educators align with the UN's Sustainable Development Goal, Quality Education.

Aspirational Educators 

Working in the Education & Teaching sector

There are several different routes into the teaching sector, and you will need to research these to find out which is the best route for you. However you choose to train to be a teacher, you will need to demonstrate a commitment to teaching and have a range of class-room based experiences to reflect on in your applications.

MyCareerZone Digital has a great range of resources for teachers: find them here

There are a number of opportunities to gain teaching/education based experience available to you on campus, listed below.

About the scheme

Fantastic opportunity for four week well paid supported internships from 17th June and 12th July 2019. 

Open to penultimate year STEM  undergraduates only. 

If you are a first year STEM undergraduate, there is a small chance that the scheme will open to you at a later date. If you wish to be notified should this happen, please register your interest with Dr Helen Hicks.

Open to students from Exeter or Penryn. 

For more information contact Dr Helen Hicks.


Apply here

Complete this application form

Applications close on 31st March. 

Your application will be shared with your first choice provider, if unsucessful, your application will also be shared with your second choice provider. 


About the Schools

Internships are available with three different Teaching School Alliances, you will need to choose which on your application form. 


West Country Teaching School Alliance

Our aim is to provide interns with an insight into teaching, an understanding of effective classroom practice, the opportunity to share their passion for their subject and to experience having a positive impact on students’ learning.  Interns have a varied programme based in two contrasting placement schools and will receive additional training and enrichment at Exeter Maths School (EMS).  They will be supported by Subject Champions in each school and a personal mentor who is a teacher at EMS.  Further details are available on the EMS website:


Ted Wragg Multi Academy Trust Paid STEM Internships

We aim to inspire STEM graduates to pursue a career in Maths and Physics teaching.

 The Ted Wragg Multi Academy Trust Programme will offer participants:

  • £300 per week for four 25-30 hour weeks, 17th June to 12th July
  • A four-week placement at an Exeter-based school (St James, West Exe, Isca, Cranbrook Education Campus, St Luke’s Science and Sports College and time at Exwick Heights Primary School)
  • The opportunity to learn about key priorities for teachers in our context, including: meeting the needs of high prior attainers, personalising teaching for disadvantaged students, engaging boys and encouraging more girls in STEM careers
  • Opportunities to team-teach parts of lessons and run group activities
  • A mentor drawn from a team of Outstanding Practitioners from our Trust Secondary Schools
  • Opportunity to reflect with Newly Qualified Teachers and SWTT trainee teachers who can offer guidance about the career and applying to train to teach.


Teach South West

Teach South West (OFSTED rated outstanding) are offering STEM teaching paid placements for 4 weeks to run between 17/06/19 through to 12/07/19. These are paid placements with successful applications being paid £300 per week.

Teach South West, in association with Exeter University and SWTSA  have 10 placements available (6 mathematics placements and 4 physics placements). This is a wonderful opportunity for second year undergraduates of a STEM related degree to experience what it’s like teaching maths or physics.

Your placement with offer you the opportunity gain some fantastic insight in role of a teacher. As well as having the opportunity to interact with current trainees you will also be able to attend a whole range of seminars and events both at Ivybridge and some of our partner schools.


Have you considered a career in teaching? Would you like the chance to take part in a short (3 day) Teaching Taster programme to find out if it’s the career for you?

The Teacher Taster programme is open to all disciplines and year groups and will;

  • Provide you with the opportunity to spend 3 days in a primary school setting, allowing you chance to experience an educational environment through the eyes of the students and teachers (in the subject of interest to you).
  • Enable you to take part in a number of lesson observations. 
  • Provide you with a preparatory training session and cover your travel & DBS costs.
  • Enable you to achieve the Exeter Award by completion of the scheme under the teaching theme.

Applications for the Primary Teaching Taster programme are now closed.

The training date for the internship was 13th March 2:30pm.

The internships will take place in the week beginning 1st April 2019.

The internships will be held in schools in and around Exeter and Penryn.

- All applicants will need to have a successful DBS check and international police check if required. 

- These checks can take some time to be completed. It is important that applicants have their original documents available and begin the DBS application process as soon as possible after being offered a place. Students do miss out on internships because their DBS checks are not completed in time. 

- You do not need to have a DBS before applying for the scheme.

Feedback from past participants: 

"I enjoyed all the time with the children and with the staff. I was surprised to enjoy the older year groups as much as I did, and felt very inspired by the types of lessons being delivered, and know I would love to do that myself in the future."

"Rewarding experience; received a lot of praise from professional teachers for our efforts; lovely to work with such diligent pupils."

"Despite the extra baggage and lots of hard work that comes with the job, standing up in class teaching and interacting with the children felt so natural and right, so my heart is definitely set on teaching."

This scheme provides students with the opportunity to spend 3 days in a Primary school setting, allowing you the chance to experience an educational environment through the eyes of the students and teachers.

The University of Exeter is partnering with CoachBright  to deliver training course, followed by a 3 day internship.

The interactive programme comprises of 2 key elements:

  • Training - technical and employability training; Wednesday 13th March 4:30pm
  • Internship - You will be attending secondary schools in London where you will undertake a 3 day paid internship in the week 1st -5th April

Remember: It all adds up! This Careers activity counts towards 2 of the 6 requirements of the Exeter Award.

  1.  18 hours work experience
  2.  1 x option

 Am I Eligible? 

You must be a current University of Exeter student when you apply for the programme. We welcome applications from all disciplines and levels of study, as long as you can demonstrate a keen interest in education.

You must have the right to work in the UK and provide your visa status and explanation on your application form.

If you are currently working in another role, you will need to supply the University with your tax code. Alternatively, if you were working in another role which finished before the end of the current tax year, you will need to supply the University with your P45

- All applicants will need to have a successful DBS check and international police check if required.

- You do not need to have a DBS before applying for the scheme.

- These checks can take some time to be completed. It is important that applicants have their original documents available and begin the DBS application process as soon as possible after being offered a place. Students do miss out on internships because their DBS checks are not completed in time

Applications for the London Schools Internships are now closed. 

It is important to note that information you provide on your application form may be shared with CoachBright as part of the selection process.

The application process is highly competitive and therefore only the best performing students will be selected for inclusion on the programme.

Any students not successful in the application process will receive feedback for their performance, and will be signposted to resources and support available.


The successfully selected students will undertake training which will include (but not exclusively):

  1. Safeguarding
  2. Professionalism
  3. Evaluation
  4. How to Make the Most of your Internship


If selected, you will need to undertake 3 day long internship provided by Secondary Schools in London from 1st - 3rd April.  This internship will be paid and is fully funded by the University of Exeter. 

Each day's internship will be followed by a fireside session from 6pm-8pm to explore the wider experiences of your internship.

Further information

If you would like to ask any questions please contact Dr Helen Hicks, Schools Liaison & Education Pathways Manager on 01392 725062


  • Gain an insight into teaching
  • Learn in an interactive and experiential environment
  • Work with students from different year groups, subjects and levels of degree
  • Be inspired by experienced professionals
  • Gain confidence in your abilities
  • Develop your career plan
  • Receive a certificate and reference.

Quotes from past participants

"It was great to speak to current teachers"

 "Really helpful first hand and shared experience of teaching gave practical information, advice and guidance that helped massively in career planning"

"Regardless of how set you are on teaching, it was very useful to get an insight into the whole education sector from another perspective (rather than as a student)"  - Rachel

 "I have found the London Schools Internships exciting and insightful; it has given me the necessary insight into teaching that I was hoping for" - Katy

This scheme is a perfect way to dip your toe into the world of teaching and gain experience (from 1-10 days) in a Key Stage 2 classroom.  Our Enrichment courses are practical and hands-on, ranging from English and Science to Art and Computing and everything else in between! The programme is open to all disciplines and year groups. We run placements three times a year (November, March and June) and all courses are based on the St Luke’s campus. Find out more about our offering.

Our Summer programme will run for two weeks.  If you are interested in becoming a Primary Enrichment Outreach Ambassador please email: You can commit to as little or as much as you wish.

Complete the SSIS Teaching Module

This is a module which is open to all undergraduates and masters students and provides you will school experience and training in a credit bearing module.  



Help is available if you need to refresh your Maths before applying for teacher training.

Refresh Your Maths is an employability skills training session, led by Maths students, to help you brush up your Maths and prepare you for numerical reasoning tests. The SSIS Employability Team has collaborated with the College of Engineering, Maths, and Physical Sciences, and has employed Maths students to lead these fantastic workshops. Please do not worry about your level of ability, the workshops are a friendly environment for all and are designed to help you brush up on your GCSE-level Maths.
See our webpages for more information - Exeter  or Penryn

Get involved with the running of an after school club via your student union in Exeter or Penryn

These are hour long workshops where students can come and practice their oral communication skills which take place on Monday afternoons from 2.35-3.25. We are inviting native English speakers to volunteer and help students with oral communication in their non-native language. If you would like to volunteer for this, please contact Emma Sweeney (

Streatham campus only.

local primary School, a ten minute walk from the city centre, has asked for volunteers to help listen to the children read.  This is not a University-mediated scheme.  Please contact if you would like to be put into contact with the school.  

Mentoring school aged students through the Coach Bright scheme can not only help you develop your educational skills but provide crucial support to others.

There are some brilliant Work Shadowing opportunities now open to apply to on My Career Zone. Simply visit My Career Zone, type into the search bar ‘Work Shadowing’ and apply for the opportunity which interests you. Opportunities are allocated on a first-come first-served basis so apply soon to avoid missing out!