I have a lecture/ workshop from another discipline to attend on that date. What should I do?

You are allowed to dip out of eXfactor to attend any academic lecture/seminar that has not been rescheduled and shows as a clash on your timetable. Please speak to the facilitator at the start of the day to explain when you must leave and for how long. However, if the lecture or seminar is longer than an hour, it would be best for your session to be rescheduled. Please email the Career Zone in advance if this is the case.

I couldn’t attend my timetabled day. What should I do?

Please contact the Career Zone who will inform your College Employability Officer where appropriate. The Career Zone will provide you with the dates of one of the Open Sessions that is running in the summer term for those students who were unable to attend their timetabled session. You will be able to register for an Open Session via My Career Zone.

What should I do if I have AccessAbility requirements that may affect my participation in the eXfactor?

Some of the rooms eXfactor is held in are difficult to access so it is useful for the Career Zone team to know your requirements so adjustments can be made in advance. Also, any increase in planned numbers needs to be known about in advance in terms of having a support worker with you. Please contact the Career Zone if you have any questions or to notify of any adjustments that need making.

Is it really necessary I should attend eXfactor? I'm a mature student with years of work experience

A number of students start university each year with considerable work experience already behind them. We encourage you to attend eXfactor as it is a good opportunity for you to integrate with your fellow students. However, if you have concerns about attending, ask us a question via the Career Zone.

I am a Flexible Combined Honours student. I'm confused about what I should do.

Flexible Combined Honours students have separately scheduled eXfactors as degree programmes are bespoke across all Colleges. Please only refer to the eXfactor for FCH students. You will find this displayed in your timetable. You may find you have one or two cancelled classes. Use this time for further study - or a careers activity like an appointment with a Careers Consultant or Mock Interview. If you have any queries that are not addressed by these FAQs, then please contact the Career Zone in the first instance.

I'm a Combined Honours student. Which eXfactor should I go to?

Please check your timetable as you should have been assigned to the most appropriate session for you. You only need to attend one eXfactor and that should be the one for your home discipline. Usually you know your home discipline as it appears first in the named description of your degree, for example, Sociology and Law or Arabic and Business. There may be some that don't follow this pattern so if you are in doubt, please check with your College Employability Officer.

I am a part-time student. What should I do?

We appreciate that part-time students may have commitments that prevent them from attending eXfactor in full. We encourage you to attend at least half of the day where possible. If you can do this, please go along and explain to the facilitator. Please email the Career Zone to let them know if you are unable to attend the full day.

How do I find the building my eXfactor session is being held in?

Please visit the following web link to find the location of the building in which your session is being held in for Streatham:http://www.exeter.ac.uk/visit/directions/streathammap/

eXfactor is not scheduled in my College timetable.

If your discipline's eXfactor is not scheduled in your College timetable and therefore you are not sure of the location of the session, please contact the eXfactor team via My Career Zone to let them know. They will then assign you to a location.

Does eXfactor count towards The Exeter Award?

Yes. eXfactor counts towards The Exeter Award as part of the ‘two elements of your choice’ section. If you have not yet registered for The Award, but you have attended your discipline’s eXfactor session, eXfactor will appear on your Award profile when you register for The Award. More information about The Exeter Award can be found here