eXfactor - Student Testimonials

Femi Kalejaiye

LLB Law, College of Social Sciences and International Studies, 2014, Streatham Campus


The eXfactor programme was a stark contrast to the employability sessions I've experienced before. I was surprised by how relevant and applicable the content was to my journey as an undergraduate student.

I gained an insight into the kinds of activity I should get involved in during my first, second and third years to boost my employability. I was also challenged to think deeply about what I do, why I do it and which skills I am developing.

Even better, eXfactor provided a good environment to discuss and get answers to personal questions. By listening to contributions throughout the programme, I now appreciate ideas that I once overlooked when marketing myself to employers.

The guest speakers gave useful and challenging advice on networking. As a first year Law student, I was anxious about going to networking events and told myself "you're not qualified yet, so it won't be a productive use of your time". But I soon grasped how networking is a worthwhile investment if you prepare well, make a good impression, and make yourself available for future opportunities.​


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