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Rachel Reed

BA Sociology, College of Social Sciences and International Studies, 2014, Streatham Campus


The eXfactor for me was a really important programme which made me realise that there was actually quite a lot I didn't know about employers and careers in my chosen career path. It was through attending eXfactor that I was introduced to so much, from presenting skills to what personal qualities make a more employable person. I loved how I was able to do this in groups and be able to discover these new skills with other people.

The eXfactor encouraged me to be confident and step outside of my comfort zone. After completing the eXfactor I have realised that employers are after people who are enthusiastic and love to get involved. I decided to go a step further out of my comfort zone to do some volunteer work and to nominate myself as a student representative which, prior to this course, I probably would not have done. The programme also encouraged me to do the Exeter Award which I am now half way through and will help my employability levels and look great on my CV.

Before experiencing the eXfactor, I would have described myself as not a shy person but not a confident one either and I found public speaking nerve-wracking and difficult. But this programme helped me to become a confident and assertive person especially by making us do presentations to one another which improved my public speaking skills.


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