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Eleanor Dodson
BSc Geography, College of Life and Environmental Sciences, 2014, Penryn Campus

By attending the Geography eXfactor programme I was able to instantly recognise a range of aspects employers look for in a graduate. These were previously unknown to me and therefore by introducing opportunities such as volunteering, society memberships and work placements in my first year, I can now get involved and ‘stand out from the crowd’ while I have the time.

As a result of this I have rapidly progressed through my Exeter Award by completing environmental volunteering activities, which have given me useful skills and contacts for the future. I have also attended workshops that have helped increase my employability by enhancing my CV and preparing for interviews, therefore giving me the confidence to succeed. The programme provided the vital encouragement needed to push me out of my comfort zone and apply to summer placements with big organisations to get myself recognised in the workplace.

One part of the programme I enjoyed the most was learning about team dynamics. This not only taught me about my own working preferences, but also how best to go about working with others taking a different approach to a task. I now know how to work best in a group with different strengths and weaknesses, which has improved my performance in group tasks for my degree. I was most daunted about the presentations involved as I have always been a quiet and shy person, however this worry has quickly vanished in my second term and I no longer feel anxious about speaking in front of an audience.

Overall, eXfactor has increased my confidence and has given me the push needed to progress through my degree and in the future, gaining important skills and experiences along the way.


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